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Preface on Aerial Photography

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Preface on Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is the technique of capturing the earth’s surface and its features with cameras accumulated on aircraft or any other flying object or spacecraft. For the mapping of terrestrial features, Aerial Photography is taken in overlapping series from an aircraft at a fixed altitude. Aerial Photography is one of the most primitive forms of remote sensing with widely used and cost-effective methods. Before the development of advanced photography, people were using traditional photography to confine aerial image

Principles of Aerial Photography

Desk-based research is not about reading papers for vital information but also about facts and figures. This includes principles and disciplines such as landscape archaeology and climate science. Anyone can learn how to construe aerial photographs and understand archaeology and geography photographs. To conclude, remain vital to cartographers in producing modern maps through Aerial Photography.  Aerial Photographers are crucial to any study related to local environmental conditions in many different ways while depending on the type of photograph used, the elevation, and the angle of the drone photography are taken.

Categories of Aerial Photography

  • The angle of Photo Taken: Aerial photographers may take photos in vertical, low, and high oblique positions. Most of the aerial photos have been taken in remote sensing.

  • Vertical Photographs: A vertical photograph has been taken straight down or the point directly below the camera.  This photography is frequently used in photogrammetric and cartographic applications. The scale of the images measured by allowing objects and distance to be calculated.
  • Oblique:  Aerial photographs taken from an angle are known as oblique photographs. As oblique photos are not typically used for photogrammetric because the scale is not consistent in images. High-oblique shows the surface, the horizon, and the portion of the sky whereas Low-oblique shows only the surface.

  • Digital Photography: Digital photography is used to capture the images as opposed to coverage on photographic film. Sensors capture the light and convert it into electronic signals. Digital has replaced traditional photography in many applications.

Advantages of Aerial Photography

Here are some basics advantages that aerial photographers proffer over ground-based observation: 

  • Perk up vantage point: Aerial photography gives a bird’s eye view of large areas which permits us to see features of the earth's surface in the context.

  • Time freezing capability:  An aerial photographer recorded the surface features. Therefore, can be used as a historical record.

  • Three-dimensional outlook: Photographs are generally taken with uniform exposure and allow us to attain a stereo pair of photographs. Such a pair helps in forming the three-dimensional view of the surface.

Tips for Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography has never been as important as compared to today. The demand for real estate photography in markets is heating up again. This is good news for photographers in real estate but there is plenty of competition like other businesses. If you are Real Estate Photographers here are some guidelines you must have to follow that helps to find out the right path. 

  • Camera equipment.
  • Approaching the property.
  • Choose the right time to capture the images.
  • Exterior lighting.
  • Interior photography and lighting.
  • Examine accurate camera height and vertical edges.
  • Receiving good exposure.
  • Use a tripod in low light.
  • Select a full-frame camera.
  • Use wide-angle lenses.
  • Use flashes and polarized filters.
  • Gathering essential accessories.
  • Find creative angles to click.
  • Take care of ISO settings and fix proper color temperature.
  • Use of correct lens distortion.

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