How to Install a best premium wordpress themes 2021 in 6 Easy Steps

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In this article, I'll take you done all of the easy steps you need to take so that you too can study how to install a best premium wordpress themes 2021. All of these different designs come straight from the WordPress themes directory. And what's nice almost this directory is that all of the designs you find are totally free. Plus, once you know how to search for, and install a new blog design, it will be a part of cake to change your theme when you want to from here on out.

So here's what to do:

Step 1: Log-in to the administrative part of your WordPress blog.

Step 2: Once you're logged in look over on the left needle side of the screen and find a heading that says "Presence". If you don't see any links under this heading, click on the arrow just to the right of the word "Appearance". This will then drop-down the list of links set underneath this section.

Step 3: Locate the link that speaks "Add New most popular free wordpress themes 2021" and click on that link.

Step 4: The right hand side of your screen will then weight up with multiple diverse search options. The easiest way to find a design is to enter in a word or a expression that either relates to your website or that describes a color you'd like to use for your blog design. You can enter this period in the search box at the top of the screen.

Below this search box is a list of check-boxes and their similes. This is helpful to use if you'd like to get a little more thorough with your best premium wordpress themes 2021. For instance, you can search for only those designs that are 2-columns wide, ones that are a exact color, ones that have a fixed or fluid width, ones that come with sure features and so on.

If you're just opening out, these additional options may seem a little awesome at first so take some time to play around with these dissimilar sections and see what kinds of themes are displayed so that you can start to number out what you like and what you don't like about the dissimilar styles.

Step 5: After you've entered in your search standards, and searched for a design, the themes matching your standards will be displayed. To see what the theme would look like click the "Preview" link below the design you're interested in. Moreover you can also click on the image itself which will also bring up a preview.

Step 6: Once you've found one you're happy with click the "Install" link just under the design you like. This will bring up an additional screen which will ask you to settle that you do in fact want to install the design you've chosen. Click on the "Install now" button which is situated on your right.

Wordpress will then go out and get the theme for you. This is all done mechanically on the back end side of your server so you don't have to concern about doing anything technical whatsoever.

Once it's finished installing, you'll be given three options. You can showing the new design, activate it, or return to the theme installer to hunt for more designs.

The "Preview" link in this instance will show you a preview of what your again selected design will look like on your live site. If you're happy with it, then you can snap "Activate" which means it will be live on your website as quickly as you click that link.

And that's all there is to installing a best premium wordpress themes 2021 on your individual blog! But, here's a handy little tip to help you out.

If you head back to your main managerial area and go back to the "Arrival" section where we were before, you can click on "most popular free wordpress themes 2021" and this will expression you all of the themes you've installed so far. If at any time you famine to change the look of your blog again, just click "Activate" underneath any of the already-installed themes and your site design will change rapidly.

So now you know how to install your very own most popular free wordpress themes 2021 and even how to alteration the look of your blog rapidly in the future.

Next, get more free "how-to" information on building a website along with creation reviews, articles and more!

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