What is the technical support?

Ruby Simmons

What is the technical support?

Technical or "technical" support is a form of customer communication that product-centered companies use to help their users make the most of their products.


As a general rule, this is done via knowledge bases, live chat, email or phone - and aims to solve technical problems such as installation problems, connection errors and other technical difficulties can have a negative impact on the user experience.


But, is not it technical support for other word for customer support?


Well no.


And here's why.


The difference between technical support and customer support

When people hear the word technical support, it's easy to imagine people in call centers, with unhappy clients who want to evacuate their frustrations about payment and delivery problems. These types of problems will be managed by your customer support team and not your technical support team.


When the technical support differs is in the type of problems manipulated.


Technical support teams are responsible for managing installation errors, user problems and any other technical problem that prevents the customer from using your product. Essentially, technical support focuses on the help of clients to use a product more effectively.


A CMO Council study found that providing better technical advice and technical assistance to customers is the first way that companies can improve the product ownership experience for users.

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How companies can improve their product experience


By focusing on providing better technical advice and your customers, you will help customers use your product.


Another noticeable difference between technical support and customer support is the number of media levels.


Customer support has fewer levels. The first support line is via a customer service agent; The second support line is via the customer support manager.


With technical support, there are 5 levels of support.

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5 levels of technical support

Technical support is not easy.


Depending on the needs of your users, this could be managed using email, live discussion media, knowledge bases or even a telephone.


These 5 levels include pre-support, self-service, first-line support, second-line support, and in urgent cases, the third line of support.


Technical support levels

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1. Pre-support

In the pre-internet age, if people had a question of product, they asked the family and friends or have referenced the owner's manual. Today, your users will simply "Google".

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This means that most of your customers will browse the web looking for answers before contacting you. Some of your users will be huge advocates for your products and offer an incredible idea about how to make them the most of them and help other users solve problems.


Sounds good, right?


Well, on paper, yes.

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But, it is important to remember that for any good review, there could be countless complaints that have not had their solved problems and are too eager to share their experience on this topic online.

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In this spirit, it is important to see online forums, social media, and website comments as the first line of defense. As a company, you need to proactively search these channels to control the conversation, guide users to your own technical support system and help keep everyone happy.


2. Self-Service

The following level of technical support is to allow users to self-serve and is managed by Wikis, FAQs, and self-help knowledge bases. For many users, this is a quick and easy-to-contact alternative to contact a support center and wait for an email response.

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Having a self-service level in place can resolve the most common queries and release the first online support for more in-depth and complex questions.


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