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If the user wants to setup Parental Control in Windows for the protection of their kids, You can give more privacy and protection to kids through AVG antivirus and it can install via www.avg.com/retail get the find free key code 2021.

Find, Change, Enable, or Disable Parental Controls on Windows 10:

To enable this feature, you should setup your child’s account. Then, you should select Start option and then go to Settings and then you have to choose Accounts. After this, you should click on Family & Other People and then just select Manage Family Settings Online. Now, you should Log in and then just locate the child account from the list of accounts. Here, you have to select Screen Time just under your child's name to open the Screen Time tab. At this point, you have to make changes to the default Screen Time Settings by using the drop-down lists and daily timelines. After this, you should select More Options just under your child's name and then select Content Restrictions. Now, you have to activate Block Inappropriate Apps And Games and Block Inappropriate Websites. You can also add any apps or websites which you want to block or allow and then just select an appropriate age rating. Here, you have to select the Activity tab and then expand Manage. After this, you should select Turn On Activity Reporting and Email weekly reports to me so that you get the weekly reports of your child’s activities while online. avg.com/retail download find free key code

Windows 8 and 8.1 Parental Controls:

After creating your child account, then from the keyboard, you should press the Windows key and then press C. Now, you should select Change PC Settings. Then, you should select Accounts, then choose Other Accounts and after this, you should select Add An Account. Here, you should choose Add A Child’s Account. At this point, you should follow the directions to finish the process.

To configure Parental Controls, you should open Control Panel. And then you should search for it from the Start screen or from the Desktop. Now, you have to select User Accounts And Family Safety, and then you have to select Set Up Parental Controls For Any User. At this point, you should select the child’s account. Here, under Parental Controls, you should choose Enforce Current Settings. Then under Activity Reporting, you should choose Collect Information About PC Usage. After this, you should select the links which are provided for the following options and setup accordingly: www.avg.com/retail

Web Filtering – if you want to block certain websites and also prevent downloads

Time Limits- Through this, you can choose when and on what days your child can use the PC

Windows Store and Game Restrictions- With this, you can set age, title, and rating limits on the apps which your child can use.

App Restrictions- Through this, you can set the apps which your child can use.

At last, you’ll receive an email which has the information about the Family Safety login page. www avg com retail

Windows 7 Parental Controls:

You should select the Start button and then you have to write Parental Controls in the search window. Now, you have to select Parental Controls in the results. Then, you have to select the child account. After this, you should create passwords for any Administrator accounts. Here under Parental Controls, you should select Enforce Current Settings. After this, you should select the following links and then just select Close: Time Limits, Games, and Allow And Block Specific Programs.

For more protection of your kids, you should install AVG in their device via avg.com/registration .

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grace edens
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