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4 Things You Didn't Know About Maryland Lemon Law

Allen Stewart
4 Things You Didn't Know About Maryland Lemon Law

Some people have misunderstood Maryland lemon laws and how they work. Lemon law is for customers who the automobile manufacturer gave defective or faulty automobiles. Every day several customers buy lemon cars without actually knowing they bought a lemon car.

To protect the customers and ensure that the manufacturers pay for the defective vehicle, lemon laws were introduced. Depending upon the state, there are variations in the lemon law. Some people who are not satisfied with the particular state lemon laws are free to move on to the federal lemon laws.

Today we will explain some facts you didn't know about lemon laws.

1- If your vehicle does not run smoothly, does not make it a lemon

If you face some problem while driving and feel the need to claim your car under the lemon law, that is not how the lemon law works. A car can qualify as a lemon only if the car has serious problems and the problems are not repairable. If your car needs constant repairing and still does not work for the money you paid for, then only it can be termed as "lemon." If you feel like you have got a lemon car, then consult your attorney.

2- Your car may be replaced, or you may be refunded

Once you've understood that the car you got is a lemon, the next step is to take legal steps. It would help if you informed your dealership, the automobile manufacturer, and an attorney about the lemon car. Once your attorney files for the lemon. The automobile manufacturer has only two options. Either they can replace your car with a new car or they can refund the money and pay for all the expenses you had to pay for the repairs.

3- Out of court settlements are also an option

The main reason manufacturers sometimes opt for out-of-court settlement is that the legal case can run for months or even years. All this time, the attorney's fees of the customer are paid by the manufacturer. To avoid spending unnecessary money, both parties agree to an out-of-the-court settlement. Before taking an out-of-the-court deal, understand their terms and conditions properly, or else you might have to regret your decision in the future.

4- The automobile manufacturer warranty plays an important role

Ensure you understand all the conditions of the agreement before buying the car. People try to fight and lose the case because they don't understand the manufacturer's warranty properly. If the manufacturer's warranty has expired and then if you find out the faults, then there is very little chance of winning the legal battle.

To sum it up

Before filing a lemon law case in Maryland, ensure that you sit and discuss properly with your attorney and understand all the terms and conditions.

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Allen Stewart
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