Is Video KYC in Mutual Fund Software Beneficial for Advisors?

Wealth Elite

Few years back advisors used to collect KYC through manual method wherein physical documents and verification was involved in the process. This process even consumes lot of time of advisors and investors and ultimately proves costly. Such pattern hampers the growth of the firm and impacts other functions too.

The Mutual Fund Software easily solves the issue of the advisors through Video KYC feature that reduces the efforts of the advisors. Wealth Elite provides best services to the advisors through wealth management platform.

Benefits of Video KYC

  • Quick verification within no time.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Saves time of advisors and investors.
  • Online process of verification.
  • Access from anywhere.

Issues without Video KYC

  • Long time in verifying investors.
  • Advisors need to manage physical documents.
  • High cost of operation.
  • Limited number of investors can be verified.

Thus, video KYC is the first priority for the advisors in order to deliver effective and fast services to the clients and also improves the efficiency of the firm. The advisors not using the latest features and technologies are facing issues in their firm and finding it difficult to attract new investors and also managing the existing one.  

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Wealth Elite
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