How to Generate Leads for Small Business


Whether you are new to marketing or an established company, creating and consistently adjusting your lead generation strategy is required for the growth of your business. This is done in several ways that are constantly developing with new digital technologies. After all, if you are not driving interest in your services and products, attracting new customers, and creating brand awareness, then success is going to be difficult. 

Increasing leads means increasing brand awareness and increasing user’s interest in your product and services. Lead generation is important for small businesses for many reasons including engaging with prospective clients in personalized ways, increasing the client base, and lastly, building revenue for your business. At some time, you have probably asked yourself, how can we increase lead generation? At YashaaGlobal, our Digital Marketing Jacksonville strategies have proved to be successful so we suggested highly effective lead generation strategies so you can attract and convert qualified prospects. No matter what business you are in, lead generation is an important factor for your overall success. In this guide, we will take you through the most effective lead generation strategies that can be utilized by all kinds of small businesses. 


What Is a Lead Generation Strategy? 

A lead generation strategy is any tactic or activity that is used to attract interested customers and convert them into leads. A lead is a prospective customer who has shown some interest in your brand by taking some action like they have shared their contact information or implied that they would like to do business with you. 

To put it another way, your lead generation strategy might be advertising on social media and asking users to provide their email to learn more about your business. Through this strategy, you are getting leads from every person that submits their email. With these leads, you may have further opportunities to retarget these individuals and encourage them to buy or work with your business. Lead generation strategies also build good relationships with those customers who invest in your business for a long time. To learn more about lead generation strategies, check out our detailed guide on “Lead generation strategies for small businesses.


Components of lead generation strategy: 

  • Lead capture: A method of obtaining information from a lead. Information may include the client’s name, contact details, as well as details about them or their organization, etc. 
  • Lead qualification: It uses the lead’s information to determine how likely they are to buy. 
  • Lead magnets: An opportunity that drives new leads from prospects. 
  • Lead segmentation: The method of dividing leads based on their information, activities, and habits. For example, job title, pages they visited on your website, lead magnets. 


Best Lead Generation Strategies for Small Businesses 

Finding the best lead generation strategies for your business may be challenging. To figure out the best strategies for your company, you will have to consider your field, business size, and of course, what exactly you hope to achieve with these tactics. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most effective lead generation strategies out there so that you could know where to start when you trying to figure out what will be successful for your business. In this blog, we will go over some best lead generation methods and the techniques that help you to generate new customers over time. 


  • Create Gated Content 

Gated content is online material available to users only when they fill out a form. The content is locked, unlike regular blog posts or landing pages. To access the content, visitors must first fill out a lead capture form. 

This lead generation approach works because it provides the audience something of free value while attracting high-quality leads involved in topics relevant to your brand or offerings. Gated content assets generally include E-books, White papers, Reports, Guides, Worksheets, Online tools. 


  • Create a Value-Packed Newsletter 

Making a must-read newsletter that allows interested prospects to connect and keep in touch with the brand is another way to use the content as a lead magnet. This allows you to stay top of mind with consumers and share promotions for your products and services. Content for your newsletter includes new blog posts, special offers, updates about your products or services, upcoming events, etc. 


  • Do basic local SEO 
  • Optimize your Google My Business directory listing. 
  • Perform basic SEO across your website with descriptive title tags. 
  • To inspire click-through from search engine results, optimize each website with an effective Meta description. 
  • Claim local business listings on business directories, like Yelp, Merchant Circle, and other local directories. 
  • Encourage customers to post their reviews. When asked, many satisfied customers do oblige. 


  • Host an Event 

Hosting an event is an offline and fun way of generating leads and increasing sales for your small business. You could organize a workshop which is a direct way to connect with people, talking about your product, and obtaining their contact information through event registration for future targeting. Promote your event using various tools and channels to build interest in your target audience. You can also use live events to communicate with customers in real-time so that you can answer customer’s questions, respond to objections, and guide prospects through the sales funnel. After the event is over, ensure you follow up with all the participants and try to convert them into customers, and obtain feedback. Some event options to consider are: 

  • Seminar
  • Webinar 
  • Workshop 
  • Conference 

Example: Local Digital Marketing agency hosts both live and pre-recorded content marketing webinars to produce leads from their possible candidates. 


  • Email Marketing 

Email is an effective way to communicate with your contacts and helps you in the creation of a reliable contact list. The best thing is that you are sure that these contacts are interested in your business because they gave you their email address through a form or signup page. There are several benefits of Email marketing and it is a good method to increase sales and it is one of the essential tools for today's retailers.  

The traffic you receive from email marketing comes with a caveat, it is bound for users who have already visited your site and opted into your mailing list. You can take advantage of email marketing and generate traffic to your website by giving convincing reasons for subscribers to return. After publishing some content on your site, send newsletters and meaningful emails to inform recipients.  


  • Get active on social media 
  1. Interact with prospects in a way that is both informative and beneficial. 
  2. Identify which social media platforms your consumers prefer. 
  3. Share content on your profiles as much as possible, whether it is homemade or curated. 
  4. Every social media platform has a different audience so write a social media post for each platform separately and post it consistently. 
  5. Follow prominent people in your field and try to build mutually beneficial relationships with them. 
  6. Promote your social media channels everywhere you can  


  • Paid Ads on Google 

Promoting your company on Google is a perfect lead generation idea for small businesses. By using pay-per-click ads, you can ensure that you rank right at the top for searches based on the keywords related to your products. With this assured visibility, you guarantee that people visit your site and are aware of your presence. Using Google Ads, you can reach out to prospective customers anywhere they spend the most time online. 

Ads can be used in a number of ways, including: 

  1. Getting people to call your business by inserting a click-to-call button in your ad. 
  2. Display your company’s location in your ads to drive people to your business. 


  • Offer a Coupon or Discount 

Convert prospects who are interested in your services by offering them a coupon or discount as your lead magnet. This attracts both long-term and short-term leads. In the long term, you have attracted someone who wants to purchase from your business. In the short term, you can easily convert bottom-of-funnel prospects who are able to buy into customers. 

  • Example: The retailer gives a 20 % off to first-time subscribers who fill out their lead capture form on their website. 



At the end of the day, there are multiple effective lead generation strategies available, including those that we have covered here. What matters, however, are the ones that will be profitable for your business. Therefore, when you start building your small business advertising, bear the following tips in mind: 

Just like one size does not fit everyone, same like strategies, if one strategy fails, don’t be afraid to try something else. The best lead generation strategies for small businesses won’t be the same as those for established businesses.

  • Old strategies can still work, but for better results, make sure to update them with a new twist.
  • Expect to invest some money, but lead generation strategies don’t have to be costly.
  • Get creative, because you never know what would fit your particular business.
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