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PG in Whitefield for Ladies: Why people choose PG over a flat?

Ayushi Sharma
PG in Whitefield for Ladies: Why people choose PG over a flat?

People these days generally prefer two types of residential formats, one is PG and the other is a flat. In this article you will get an idea on why people are choosing PG in Whitefield Bangalore over a flat for their accommodation.

Both the accommodations, flat and PG in Whitefield have their own pros and cons. To know why people are choosing a PG over a flat we should know the key difference between the two. In flat the entire accommodation is offered to the tenant while in case of a paying guest accommodation the scenario is different.

In a luxury PG in Whitefield Bangalore people are provided with a portion of house and the owner takes care of the food and the basic amenities. The paying guest facility in Bangalore is usually preferred by students or working professionals since it offers services like food, laundry, cleaning etc.

The rent and social security of a PG in Whitefield Bangalore for Ladies

Flats in Bangalore have high rent as compared to PG in Whitefield Bangalore for Ladies. The main reason behind this is flats are more spacious as compared to the PG’s in Bangalore and a flat is mostly preferred by families while bachelors prefer a co living .

  • If you are a lady and you are living alone, then it’s better to opt for a paying guest accommodation facility. If in case any emergency situation arises, you are in safe hands.
  • Once you are opting for a PG you don’t have to engage yourself in any kind of household chores which will save a lot of your time for studies and other activities.

Say no to extra Bills in a Ladies PG in Whitefield

In a Ladies PG in Whitefield Bangalore you need not to worry about the bills, since all the expenses are included in the rent itself.

  • But in case of a flat, the scenario is quite different. All the bills are paid separately be it rent, food, electricity, water etc. which turns out to be very hectic.
  • In case of the safety both flat and PG are equally safe since most of the apartments and PG’s in Bangalore are occupied with security guards and 24*7 surveillance cameras.

Facilities provided in a PG in Whitefield Bangalore for Gents

A PG in Whitefield Bangalore for Gents offers basic facilities like Air Conditioner, refrigerator, Television etc. which directly saves a lot of money.

  • Also most of the PG’s in Bangalore provides free internet services whose cost is included in the rent itself. A flat need to be occupied with furniture and much more stuffs.
  • Almost all the PG’s in Bangalore provide 3 times meal a day which means there will be no hassle of cleaning and cooking but in case of a flat you have to hire a cook which will increase your monthly expenses.

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Ayushi Sharma
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