Highest paying cybersecurity jobs

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Apr 05, 2021 07:02


Professionals with cybersecurity skills are the ones who do not have zero percent jobs. Cybersecurity has become a basic necessity for the entire organization, and it has grown exponentially because large companies hire security professionals and pay them higher incomes.

So here we are going to discuss the most paid cybersecurity activities.


Definition of cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity is the security of data or information from unauthorized users from accessing personal or firm data for their own benefit. Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing activity in the modern era as cybercrime is growing day by day. The main motivation for leading companies and organizations is the security of their information. As a result, they spend millions of dollars on professionals to obtain their personal information.


Most cybercrime is committed by money, fame, or personal resentment.

Cybersecurity history


The need for cybersecurity came in 1986 when the first pc virus, the "Brain Boot Sector Virus" was developed by two brothers.


Over time, the need for cybersecurity professionals begins to rise as hackers use multiple viruses and attacks to manage and steal user data.



Bug Bounty Expert


According to the latest reports, most freelancer hackers earn about $ 500000 or more by protecting cybercriminals' details during the game. Big bounty firms provide hackers with a platform to detect errors in their security system, and then report vulnerabilities to paid firms and organizations. In addition, to earn money with a bug bounty, you don’t have to give up your job to find errors in the system because this field requires a lot of hard work and good analytical skills, and problem-solving skills.


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


The Chief Information Security Officer is the head of the security department, and they are responsible for the security of information and information. All employees of the Department of Security worked under him and were required to follow guidelines issued by the Chief Information Security Officer. The amount of money they earn depends on the size of the organization in which they operate. According to the latest reports, CISO in large corporations can earn up to $ 500000, while medium-sized organizations can earn only $ 200000.


Data security analyst


They are responsible for protecting sensitive information stored within the company, such as payment details, customer details, credit card details, and much more. The main focus of the data security analyst on the cloud server where the data is stored. They assist the IT security team by reporting various vulnerabilities and suggesting data correction. They also analyze who accessed the data and where it came from.

According to the latest reports, the average data security analyst's salary could range from $ 65000 to $ 195000



Login checker


Ethical hackers are professional staff who play the role of hacking inspector.

A growing number of organizations are hiring third-party contractors and full-time employees to detect and deal with cybercrime errors that they can use to manage information. The average income of an entrance inspector can range from $ 120000 to $ 150000, depending on personal experience. It can cost up to $ 200000 if the employee is working properly.



Data Security Analyst


The person in the position of information security analyst is responsible for analyzing the company's policies and policies. They are also responsible for protecting data, computer networks, and organizational assets. They also researched a strong defense system to detect any weaknesses in it. They should try to anticipate future losses in the security system and protect strong data from fraudulent attacks. The average salary for an Information Security Analyst can vary from $ 170000 to $ 250000.

Cybersecurity analyst


The average salary for a cybersecurity analyst post can vary from $ 100000 to $ 180000. An analyst's replacement may also be responsible for creating, editing, and taking infrastructure security measures. They have the knowledge and experience to work with information security personnel and hackers to avoid and reduce cyber attacks.



A cybersecurity engineer

Cybersecurity engineering is also one of the highest paid jobs in the security industry, with a median salary ranging from $ 125000 to $ 210000. and hacking attempts


Security Analyst


An employee in the work of a security analyst is responsible for building and maintaining computer infrastructure and network security for the organization. They also develop the basic needs of a wide area network and local network, routers, private network, firewalls, and many other devices.

The average salary of a security analyst can vary from $ 60000 to $ 150000.




Risk Inspector


Vulnerability Assessor staff spend most of their time finding and analyzing errors that occur in information systems and computer networks. They also assist various institutions by providing various recommendations to them on how to improve the security of their network system.

They may also be asked to produce and describe a network security risk assessment.

The salary of a risk examiner can vary from $ 70000 to $ 130000.




Employees working in the field of cryptography create algorithms, ciphers, and security systems using code.

These people are responsible for the documents they have made to work properly, protect data from unauthorized access to the user, and ensure organization privacy.

Cryptographers can earn annually up to $ 135000.



The conclusion


With the growth of technology, the scope of cyber security is constantly evolving. As many internally anticipated, with the growth of artificial intelligence, there will be a sudden increase in cyber crime cases ultimately increasing the need for cyber security professionals.

course mentor
Apr 05, 2021 07:02
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