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5 healthy foods that are determined to relieve stress & anxiety

The Health Journal
5 healthy foods that are determined to relieve stress & anxiety

Studies observed that 7 out of 10 people suffer from extreme stress, anxiety, and frequent depression. At this point, the body needs to respond too and if action is not taken, the stress starts to consume our health gradually.

What increases the chances of stress?

  1. Drugs and Medicines (regular intake of painkillers can raise stress levels)
  2. Acute smoking
  3. Heavy intake of alcohol and beers
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle
  5. Irregular and unhealthy eating habits (Oily foods contributes to stress)

Eat these 5 healthy foods to keep away stress, anxiety, and depression

  1. Herbal or Green Tea: Apart from reducing neuro-inflammation, herbal and green tea are also the best of their kind to relieve stress with additional warmth and power.
  2. Dark Chocolates: Dark Chocolates that are free of chemicals and preservatives are the best source of anti-oxidants, which enhances our indulgence activity.
  3. Warm Milk: It is advisable that before going to bed drinking warm milk not only give you IQ power and emotional edge but also helps in brain relaxation through better neuron activity.
  4. Scaly and Bony Fish: The reason that Americans are top victims of stress, anxiety, and depression is because of their intolerance to eat scaly and bony fish. Such kind of fish has less oil and more Omega-3 fatty acids that help in reducing stress levels.
  5. Citrus FoodsVitamin-C rich foodsespecially grapefruits, lemons, gooseberry, orange, and strawberries have routinely work to reduce stress for generations, as they are a rich source of citric acid that relieves stress rapidly.

Read this article to know what to eat in order to relieve stress. https://thehealthjournal.co/relieve-stress-and-anxiety/

The Health Journal
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