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Cement Admixture ( C-MAX ) - Best Strength WaterProofing Chemical

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Cement Admixture ( C-MAX ) - Best Strength WaterProofing Chemical

C-Max is a newly developed polymeric admixture of concrete because it maximizes the cement surface area. It is a  solution of micro-fine mineral particles as well as some nano-coating  in Phenolic Acrylates. This is a proprietary product of SRL, developed  in co-operation with Dr. Volker In der Wiesche, Germany. These  nanocoating and micro-fine materials give additional strength to the  concrete Block.

Cement Admixture
Cement Admixture

It is also a result-driven low-cost best waterproofing chemical.  Due to its binding capability, after manufacturing and during storage,  the finer grains mingle with each other and give the cement a dense  structure. Once the polymer is added, each and every grain is loosened  and the same cement occupies more area and this can be shown very easily  in an experiment, taking two glasses of water, wherein, the same  quantity of cement is added. In one glass, add C-Max as recommended,  stir it and see the results for yourself.

It  should be used at 1% of Cement. The extra addition of it should be  avoided as far as possible. More addition will be invalid to the  specific purpose of its addition.

It is water-soluble which can be touched with a bare hand. It also has very low Chloride & Sulfate content.

The major reasons for using C-MAX admixture are :

1. To reduce the cost of concrete construction. 

2. To achieve various properties in concrete more effectively.

3.  To maintain the quality of concrete during its various stages of  mixing, transporting, placing, and maintaining in adverse weather  conditions.

4. To also overcome emergencies during concreting operations.

Benefits of using C-MAX:

1. It gives Additional Strength waterproofing & Anti Efflorescence Treatment To Concrete Blocks & Wall surfaces.

2. It fulfills all quality standards and is eco-friendly, health-friendly as it has no harsh chemicals and breathing problems. 

3. By  adding C-MAX, water in demand is reduced and the cement colloids travel  to fill up all the voids and produce a compact and dense concrete  mass. 

4.  It will help in faster construction, as the de-shuttering can be done  between 4-8 days, instead of minimum of 21 days in normal condition, and  for the spans below 10 ft. to 11 ft, de-shuttering can be done within  4-5 days.

5. Increases Cement workability, which results in 5% to 8% of additional coverage.

6. It gives Additional coverage to the required area and leads to direct cost saving. 

7.  If you add it, then the applied surface area increases & penetrates  into all pores, and reduces the porosity. If the test of water  absorption is done on these Blocks made, water absorption is reduced up  to 52%, or say permeability of Block is reduced. 

Where to use C-MAX:

1. It is used in concrete blocks and wall surfaces during construction.

2. It is used in the ratio of 1% of cement being used in every application where it is used.

3. It is used on the bricks to build a wall, on a base of the floor to give a strong surface.

Therefore,  VIVID has always been thinking out of the box with practical,  implementable, and low-cost solutions that are based on chemicals. 

We have continuously invested in the research of chemicals to become the best waterproofing chemical manufacturer in India.

We  haven’t restricted ourselves in using the chemicals developed by us,  but also carefully located other high-quality chemical manufacturers and  created implementable solutions by including alternate products for  construction purposes.

Vivid India Chemicals
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