How to Convert PDF to WORD Using Microsoft Office

mathew philips

It is possible to convert PDF to Word with the help of a PDF Converter. A PDF converter is software that can be used for converting a document from a Word document to a PDF document. You can even convert Word to PDF and back again! If you are confused about which PDF Converter to choose, this article will help you in making your choice.

A PDF Converter allows you to convert any Word document type into an editable Word document. Once converted, you can use the tool to make changes in the document accordingly. This is a convenient tool that can save time, especially if you do not have the knowledge or ability to edit the converted document.

Before trying to convert a Word document, you need to know about the document format and learn how to create a PDF file. If you are unfamiliar with the document format, you should not worry, as there are plenty of online tutorials available that can guide you about the process. Once you are aware of the format, it is easy to convert the document type into PDF. Converting a Word document into a PDF file is very easy.

First, open a PDF converter. Once opened, you will see a window with several buttons. Choose the "PDF" button from the menu to continue. A new window will open with the same information on the screen, but now, you will see an option for choosing a default format from which you want to convert the Word document.

You can select "Exchange" from the drop-down list on the main page of the tool. Click "OK." The tool will now offer you several different formats, all of which are designed for the Word document type.

When you have all the formats that you are interested in, choose the "Open" button on the "Convert PDF to editable Word" window. A new window will appear with a wizard guide, which will show the details of the conversion process. Click "OK" once you are done to close the "Convert PDF to Word" dialog box.

Before you can use the newly converted document, though, you need to convert it back into a Word document so that you can edit it. To do this, first, save your newly converted document in a different format so that you won't get any error messages when you try to open the document. Choose "Documents" from the menu of the "PDF Tools" dialog box. Open the newly saved document in the default PDF viewer that is installed on your computer.

Open the Preview/Reader and click "PDF" to open the file in the default PDF viewer. Check out the "Open with" option so that you do not accidentally have to convert the document again when you save it in another format. The steps above should help you to convert PDF to WORD quite easily.

mathew philips
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