Why is a regular dental check up so important?


It has been proven vital to schedule dental visits twice a year for dental check up and clean in order to maintain your oral hygiene. To keep track of the oral medical conditions and healthy teeth and gums regular dental visits are important because oral health is as important as the rest of the physical health. The dental check ups examine your oral health that includes your teeth, tongue, throat and gums. The dentist will study your oral conditions and conduct the treatments as per your conditions. They will check whether you have cavity build-ups, gum diseases, tooth decays, fillings etc.

We offer one of the best dental services such as fillings, root canals, teeth removal, dental fillings and many other to keep your oral health.

1.A Way to healthy smile

Here are some tips on how to maintain your oral health :

2.Brush your teeth twice a day.

Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day is the most basic step to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Don’t brush your teeth aggressively instead try to be soft. Don’t forget to brush your teeth before going to bed at night as it has been proven one if the healthy habit to maintain oral health. Brushing your teeth regularly also helps your mouth to feel fresh and bacteria free. It reduces the chances of gum diseases and helps in maintaining a healthy oral hygiene.

3.Maintain a habit of flossing your teeth.

Flossing your teeth once a day helps you avoid the gum diseases and it also helps to get rid of the bad smell. It is considered a very healthy habit for your oral hygiene. It also helps you fight tooth decay and avoid the root canals. Include flossing in your routine as it is healthier than just brushing alone.
Cut down sugar intake.

Keep a track on your sugar consumption as studies have shown that sugar is a considered unhealthy for physical as well as oral health if consumed in excessive amount. Sugar leads to tooth decay and plaque which is unhealthy for the oral health. Its better to take sugar in the form of fruits and natural sources. Include rich fruits in your diet as it helps in maintain the teeth health and also the body health. Also dinking more water instead of carbonated drinks helps to uphold a healthy oral hygiene.

4.Add using mouthwash to your routine.

Using a mouthwash regularly helps you boost the oral health by killing the bacteria that causes bad breath. Thus, it helps you get rid of the bad smell. A good mouthwash also helps to fight the cavities and prevents gum diseases. Choose a mouthwash with fluoride contents as it helps in strengthening the enamel.

5.Fix your appointment with a dental expert.

Schedule your dental visits at least twice a year for keeping up with your oral health. Don’t wait for your oral health to be worse and get a regular check up. Because regular observations of your oral health helps your prevent the diseases and maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

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Our Services include :
Dental Checkup and cleaning
Dental Fillings
Crown and Bridges
Wisdom Teeth Removal and Extractions
Sleep apnoea and snoring treatments
Mouth guards and night grind guard
Dental injectables

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