Different Types of Marriages in India

Helen Henson

India was a central stage in classical life, despite the development of modern values. Individual traditional principles and values have gone beyond the world of the epoch and time. Weddings are just one of those elements. From the outside, little can be distinguished Indian wedding, where people have wedding rules just like pinky promise rules, but in the institution, it retains its weight and value. A relationship is a cornerstone in an individual's life. It is the unity of two households and, more importantly, gives the marriage a new identity in their society. 

How does the wedding card play a role in Indian weddings?

Since tens of thousands of different cultures live together in a nation, marriages have been performed in many different formats with different rituals. But one aspect that remains common is the wedding invitation card. Indian wedding styles may vary, but the goal has remained the same. In Gujarat, wedding invitations are known as "KanKotri," while in Manipur, they are known as "Luhongba Barton." They matter a lot and getting one means how much you are going to someone.

Variety of Weddings in India 

1. Hindu wedding in India 

A Hindu wedding or "Shaddi" is the conventional Hindu wedding service and is the greatest faith professed in India. Hindu wedding rituals are somewhat similar, with little variation in different communities. However, nature remains the same

2. Sikh weddings and their Customs 

An ordinary Sikh wedding could detail the rituals performed at the meeting in the presence of a Sikh holy book known as The Occasion Must Be Seasoned with Girls and Boys.

3. Maharashtra Wedding is Adorable in India

Maharashtra is a proud neighborhood; however, they prefer it to be easy when it comes to weddings. "SakharPuda" and "Halad Chandavane," or the use of Haldi glue with cherry leaves all over the body, are rituals that are unique to Maharashtra.

4. South Indian Weddings are very unique 

The South is a large community of different cultures. They are great. South Indian communities such as Tamils are famous for their luxurious menu.

5. Gujarati Wedding Style in India

Folk songs, vegetarian meals, and many extra-curricular actions may be utilized to explain exactly what a Gujarati wedding contains. Gujarat is a vibrant state, and you can witness its colors at its weddings.

6. Christian Wedding of India

The Christian community of India usually maintains its marriage rituals in front of the church in the presence of a priest. While they are most often remembered for their costumes and suits, this is not a strict code to follow, and many Christian communities often wear different outfits for their weddings.

7. Weddings are Popular in India

Buddhist wedding rituals are quite intriguing. They last less than an hour and are performed by ordained monks who sing sacred texts from the early Pali language. Contrary to other rituals, the guests and the future couple do not participate in this procedure and are only viewers.

8. Islamic Wedding or Nikahs in India

Islamic weddings, or Nikahs, are extremely easy if they follow spiritual principles. The service consists of reading the holy book of "Koran," and the couples take an oath.

Helen Henson
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