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HyperSuggest is a freemium keyword tool that allows you to search Google, Questions, Images, Amazon, eBay, Shopping, YouTube, Instagram, and News. With the free version, you can find a variety of keywords and it will give you potential search volume.

HyperSuggest - The only keyword tool you need with 9 different modules

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HyperSuggest Keyword Tool…


HyperSuggest is a keyword tool that delivers thousands of keywords and ideas from 9 different networks like Google, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, etc. in seconds.

You will get the most important required suggestions from Google for your search query. In a couple seconds, you can discover more than 700 keywords for every search query including their accurate volume for your chosen country.


Content ideas...

Through the insight you gain through our various search modules, you can create valuable content that is relevant to your target audience.

CPC(Costs Per Click)

For each keyword you also get the average CPC for Google Ads. In this way you can see in which area the bid for the keyword is located and whether it is worthwhile for you to bid on it.

Use the HyperSuggest modules for your company

We have listed some of the popular HyperSuggest modules here.

  • Google Search using HyperSuggest
  • YouTube Search using HyperSuggest
  • Google Images Search using HyperSuggest
  • Amazon Research using HyperSuggest

Benefits Of using HyperSuggest Research Tools For SEO


HyperSuggest tools give your content to the right direction.

Helps you find new topics on the basis of newly discovered keywords.

Gets your keyword for your business or blog at the top-10 of Google SERP.


With the free version, you can find a variety of keywords and it will give you potential search volume. The free plan is somewhat limited and it will only show you 10 keywords, but it can be useful when you want to search keywords for YouTube and other sources besides Google.


HyperSuggest Keyword Tool is really a valuable tool for keyword research. The price is fair, and the functionality for keyword research for your business is very good.


Michael Smith
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