15 Feng Shui Tips To Follow When Moving Into a New House



What are some of the most popular feng shui moving into a new house traditiontips, and rituals that individuals follow when moving into a new home? The older people of Chinese families strictly adhere to these guidelines because moving to a new home is a major life event, and we want to have as much success as possible. Below are some highlighted tips to follow.

Steps Required To Carry Out Before Moving Into New House

Do you have any ideas for what to do when you move into a new house? Before the official move-in, consider doing a thorough deep clean and making a few safety changes to secure your home and belongings. Some of your feng shui moving in preparations should include the following:

  1. Clean the House From Top to Bottom
  2. Change the Locks
  3. Check Smoke Detectors
  4. Replace Air Filters
  5. Find the Circuit Breakers and Close all Valves
  6. Renovate the Kitchen
  7. Check for Leaks and Schedule Roof Repairs

Moving Into a New House Rituals As per feng shui

Moving Into A New House Checklist In Feng Shui

It’s been good so far, but it is not enough to realize what you have to bring when you move to a new house. You must also familiarize yourself with certain traditional activities like new home rituals which are expected to bring happiness to your home:

  1. Just before you settle in, allow a cat to walk through your new apartment’s threshold. It’s for good luck. As per feng shui cat is very lucky, you can also keep Maneki Neko as a symbol in your home.
  2. Ring some bells, probably windchimes. The sound which bells give is known to expel bad energies and provide good fortune, so ensure to ring some bells after you first cross the doorway of your new home.
  3. As you get to your new house, be sure to go in via the main door and go out via the exact door the very first time you try to go somewhere. Otherwise, you will get bad luck.
  4. The lighting of a candle is a mighty rite in the blessing of a house. It’s said to consume all the bad energies of space. It also cleanses and defends the house from the darkness.
  5. The combustion of crushed sages is a common way to clear malicious energies and protect your home from malicious spirits.
  6. Lighting an incense tends to rid the home of negative energies. Negativity can disappear as soon as the smoke is clear.
  7. Disperse some salt over the doorway as well as every window of your house. Salt has the power of repelling bad spirits and protecting your home from witchcraft. This is the common saltwater cure in feng shui.
  8. Disseminate coins and rice cereals all over your house, to make sure you live well and prosper.

What To remember when Moving Into A New House [Feng Shui Tips]

No feng shui reset has ever been a bad time! That being said, moving to a new location is a particularly great way to re-establish the energy of your home. Feng shui will help ensure the Qi (power of life force) is dynamic, stable, and naturally flowing.

Here are some Feng shui tips to powerfully launch your new apartment on the best path. These are also things to organize when moving into a new house in feng shui for better luck and happiness.

1. Activating The Entrance Of The New House

We name the “ mouth of qi” in feng shui as the front of a house. This is where the energies and possibilities come in and make sure that your home and life are recognizable and welcoming. It is very vital. There can be obstacles in your life if the front door is ignored.

2. Opening Of The Windows And Doors

In a feng shui house, your eyes to the outside world are the windows. You can see and glimpse the outside world by opening the windows. Opening the windows and doors will allow fresh air into the house, which is good for the house’s energy flow.

3. Clearing Old Energies

It is really helpful and important to free up a static or blocked qi space to welcome you to a safe and lively qi as you transition to a new home. Feng shui for houses requires you to clear old energies by burning some plant materials.

4. Preparing New Home For Moving

Once you relocate to a different house, take a little time to announce yourself and show appreciation to the house. Reckon all the aspects in which your new home supports you and then how you like it to serve you, tell it, thank you. This is considered as one of moving into a new house tradition.

5. Taking Care Of Clutters

The feng shui decluttering tip implies that you are not available to anything new because you are so filled with stuff at home. This could also be so of your life. Let your transition into a new house be a chance to accept new gifts and blessings into your existence, giving the cosmos a space to fill.

6. Kitchen and Bedroom Set-Up

According to Feng Shui, it is nice not to have unused space above your kitchen cupboards because it then absorbs only dirt and dust which disperses bad energy.

Make sure your bed is in the lead position as per home feng shui rules. This means you are facing the door in the room, but not straight ahead of your door.

7. Utilizing Feng Shui Plants Suitable For New Home

The Money Tree is one of house Feng Shui’s best-known plants and is used for richness and abundance. To get the best out of this tree, position your money tree in the southwest region of your home, the “wealth” part of the Bagua.

8. Using Feng Shui Friendly Colors

You will do well for your home with the correct feng shui tips for colors. Yellow makes your kitchen, dining room, and children’s rooms comfortable and invites good feng shui energy. Other friendly Feng Shui colors include red, green, white, Orange, and Blue which symbolize calmness.

9. Make Sure There Is No Television In The Bedroom

The bedroom is the quietest and peaceful region of the entire building. But do you realize TV will stop you from sleeping in peace?. The technological nature of TV and its energy can be very unsettling. It is also recommended that you must cover the television if it is not needed, particularly if you are about to sleep.

10. Inviting Friends And Families To Welcome New Energy

In natural ways of doing things and in Feng Shui It is considered a good idea to invite friends and families over when moving into a new house. Friends and Families come with happiness which will recharge the positive energy flowing in the house.

What To Bring First When Moving To A New House (lucky items)

Below are highlighted the most common House feng shui good luck items to carry with you when you are moving into a new house shopping list or the first thing to bring to a new home

What Are The First Steps To Carry out When Moving Into A New House?

Here are some feng shui tips to follow on what is the first things to do after you have just moved in into your new home

  1. Take a Walkthrough
  2. Put up your Child/Pet Proof (if Necessary)
  3. Figure out what’s going on in your surroundings
  4. Ensure that your utilities are well Set-Up
  5. Carry out necessary repairs
  6. Change Your Address
  7. Reach out to your neighbors

Best Time To Move In New House 2021

This aspect is one of the most important Feng shui new house rituals. It is advisable to move in before the sunset, therefore, you’d better plan your moving into a new house in the morning or at noon instead of after the setting of the sun or at night. In Feng Shui, it means stressful day and night, going out early and returning late.

Feng Shui Taboos For New Home

The house’s feng shui is also of great importance. It is better to find a specialist on the subject because every house is different, but you should look at certain general stuff like;

  • When the street lamp post faces the front door of your house, it is considered bad feng shui.
  • It is important to prevent such a situation in a house of feng shui. This taboo does not only affect your wellbeing but also attracts work hurdles.

The Bottom Line

As we have discussed everything which you should remember while moving into a new house. You must make an effort to keep behind all negativitypoor memories, and trust fate to favor you on your new trip as you move to a new home.

You will add more peace and wealth to your new home and journey of life by adopting the feng shui tips listed above.

For the complete guide check here.

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