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Lockdown? Worried about moving out of your safe zone? Empty Grocery racks?

Choose Ansio Fresh - The No.1 Online Grocery Shopping Supermarket in Chennai.

As the famous quotes, "History repeats itself!" people are not just browsing the internet for cosmetics, clothes and accessories but the rush towards online provision shopping has once again become the common scenario among the households during this summer 2021 Lockdown! 

Amid the current pandemic crises, fruits and vegetables are scarce due to the curb in the movement of people and goods. This made the people turn the grocery shopping carts towards online supermarket in Chennai

Simple Facts:

  • Almost 1/3rd of grocery shoppers are switching their regular physical grocery store to other alternative online stores.

Spike in Online Grocery Shopping:

Ansio Fresh - The Best Online Supermarket in Chennai, is currently experiencing a spike in Online Grocery Sales when compared to the Store Walkins during the Pre Covid times. 

  • While studies indicate a 76% growth in the online grocery market as compared to last year
  • Another study found that 80% of people order groceries online for convenience and not price. 

Ansio Fresh - Online Grocery Aggregator in Chennai:

In the last few months, food delivery apps have teamed up with Kirana stores and even farmers to sell groceries and local produce.

Yes, Ansio Fresh also provides a platform for agro producers, merchants or dealers to display and sell their merchandise through Ansio Fresh website

 “The e-grocery market in India has been tremendous growth over the last several months as people have taken to ordering groceries and fresh produce online.” 

Rush to Stock up Provisions:

At Ansio Fresh “We have seen a 30% jump in orders as compared to pre-COVID days. Not just that – if someone used to order groceries for Rs 550, they now order for about Rs 1,550. Now people are Stocking and Storing Groceries at home to avoid unanticipated situations during the Lockdown.  

Throughout the lockdown and now WFH, many youngsters have been experimenting with their cooking skills in the kitchen, and hence grocery orders have gone up. Not just pasta, pizza or cakes, sales of ingredients for traditional Indian dishes have also increased.”

Direct Sourcing of vegetables from Local Farmers?

People are now increasingly concerned about where their daily veggies come from! 

Ansio Fresh work with local farmers in and around Chennai. Procuring the daily farm-fresh harvest from the farm - "Local Produce Fruits and Vegetables", unprocessed and delivering it directly at the consumer's doorstep on the same day, which has also led to a boost in the local orders.”

Organic and Local Produced Fruits and Vegetables are in High Demand: 

Shoppers say that online grocery shopping has led to a shift in their eating habits and realized what they were eating these many days. 

Many weren't aware of the benefits of consuming organic products before the pandemic. But, Covid has projected the health benefits of eating safe food - Chemical Free, environment friendly produced fruits and vegetables to boost immunity naturally. 

Generally, locally produced vegetables don't need to travel much to reach the consumer kitchen. Thus no preservatives required to store the groceries, hence local produce is safe to consume.

How to order Groceries Online in Chennai?

Frequency and Budget of Grocery Shopping Surged:

Online grocery shopping budgets have increased as people are concerned they might not get what they need at stores. Many who used to order provisions online probably once a month are buying regularly from Online supermarkets nearby while returning from the office. 

But now I am ordering groceries online even twice a week at times. I know many people who started ordering groceries online in the last few months.

Tips to buy Grocery Online amid COVID:

  1. Is it safe to buy Groceries Online?

Yes, it is safe to buy Groceries Online. Rather than visiting a crowded Vegetable Market or an unsanitized supermarket, it is best advised to shop groceries online in Chennai. Always find a way to minimize the risk of transmission. Online Shopping is a good choice.

  1. How to wash the fruits and vegetables during the Covid times?

Wash the fruits and vegetables with clean water the same way you use to do it before. Simply peel off the skin and wash it in normal water, in case if you are planning to eat it raw.   

  1. Is it safe to get food delivered at home?

Yes, Ansio Fresh grocery delivery in Chennai takes almost precaution in maintaining personal hygiene and sanitizes their hands before and after handling every single shipment.



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