Fatal temptation

wen xing

Chapter One Feeling

Hearing the sound of him entering the door, I felt that feeling in my heart again.

"Hi, mom, how are you today?" Following his question, I heard him throw his backpack on the dining table and walk towards me. I was busy washing vegetables in front of the sink. He walked behind me, stroked my shoulders with his hands, leaned down, and kissed my cheek.

"I'm fine, my little baby, how are you today?" I replied and turned to face him. I immediately felt his breath and his caress, despite the fact that he had already taken it away. The hand pressed on my shoulder. I gathered up the courage and looked at his lovely black eyes with a little curiosity, and saw the sparks in his eyes. That feeling rushed to my heart again.

I don't know what's going on. In the recent period, as long as he is by my side, sometimes even when he is not by my side, I will feel this strange feeling for no reason. No matter subjectively or objectively, it seems that there shouldn't be such a feeling, but I really can't explain why.

"Forget it, don't think about it, otherwise I will be made more and more confused." I said to myself in my heart.

I tried my best to control the urge to kiss his lips, just lightly kissed his cheek, and said, "Why don't you sit down, kid? I'll get you some food, and we can have a good chat. "

He giggled and said, "Okay, okay, thank you!" As he said, he sat in a chair by the dining table.

When I walked to the refrigerator and opened the door, I couldn't help but bend down, let my hips puck up, and my panties lit up in his direction. I know this is an obvious temptation, either to me or to him... Oh, that feeling in my heart is stronger.

Recently, whenever he approaches me, there are always some very strange imaginations in my mind. Such feelings have been for several weeks. Ordinarily, this is what he is accustomed to. Whenever I wash the dishes by the sink, he always likes to stand beside me, put his arms around my shoulders, and stroke my skin. I sometimes think that this is probably because he is expressing his gratitude to me in a special way, thanking me for making him a sumptuous meal, washing dishes and pots, and tidying the kitchen.

His caressing and intimacy allowed me to relax completely. Suddenly, his hand seemed to be accidentally placed on my breast. Oh, he shouldn't be on my breasts, because I can still feel those hands gently rubbing the muscles of my shoulders. But, I have to say at least, his grasping my breasts and rubbing my nipples were obvious, which shocked me very much and left a very strong "impression" on me.

I shook my head to make myself awake, he also seemed to hesitate my reaction, stopped his movements, and withdrew his hands. But even if he left the kitchen, even if I had washed the dishes and bowls, I still couldn't restrain the tingling and throbbing that spread in my body.

Later, because I wanted to help him with his homework, I leaned over and put my arms on his desk, next to him sitting next to the desk, and another strong "feel" struck me again. I saw his two hands on the desk, holding a book in one hand and a pencil in the other, but I "feel" the other hand sliding up and down along the back of my thigh, slowly , That hand slipped between my legs, fingers tapping on the inside of my thighs like playing a piano, slowly moving upwards, and stroking them all the way to my pussy, with delicate fingers passing through my underwear, Stroking my labia.

My knees were soft, and I could only hold the desk hard so I didn't let myself sit on the floor limply. He was immersed in his homework, as if he had no idea what I was going through. And the hand of "feeling" is still walking under my skirt, I can clearly "feel" those fingers sliding on my crotch, searching in my groin, in my chrysanthemum The door was scratching lightly outside, and he wanted to insert it. My whole lower body was burning, burning in...that was...my...son's "imaginary caress".

In addition, on another occasion, when I was immersed in the sink to wash the dishes after a meal, he came to massage my shoulders again. I knew his hand was stroking my shoulder, but I "feeled" my fingers repeatedly rubbing my crotch, my butt was broken, and the fingers rubbed back and forth between the roots of my thighs. Although I know that he has been rubbing my stiff neck and has not touched any other parts of my body, I still "feel"

When I had a hand rubbing on my ass and in the groin, I touched my lower abdomen, and gently stroked the inverted triangular thick pubic hair covering my pubic bone. And I... seem to expect his hard penis to rub in my crotch more.

Feeling the strokes in this "imagination", I couldn't help groaning and murmured to him: "Thank you, baby, your strokes made my stiff muscles much more comfortable." As I said, I bear it. Can't help leaning against him. But he took a few steps back quickly, avoiding any more contact with my body, but his hands were still gently rubbing my shoulders.

The movement of my son's hands on my shoulders was enough to break my reverie, so I said, "Well, dear baby, I won't be able to wash the dishes anymore if you touch it like this." But he didn't stop his hands...feeling again Struck.

Whenever he approaches me, there will always be such a "touch", and such a real touch started a few years ago. As the child grows up, the space at home seems to become smaller and smaller. Whenever we stand together or walk across from each other, I can always feel his gentle and careful caress.

First, I felt his hand "swiping" on my crotch; then, every time we passed by in a small living room or kitchen, my breasts often felt "crushed". . Later, on several occasions, when we stood close to each other, I felt my yin humps being jabbed by him from time to time.

But now, even if he is sitting on the opposite side of the table, I can still "feel" his fingers sliding on my bra, gently squeezing my chest and rubbing my nipples. Moreover, I have felt a hand "touching" on my crotch more than once, or a few fingers sliding along the edges of my underwear, "sliding" into my crotch from time to time.

However, I understand in my heart that these are just my "imagination".

Almost every day, I was confused by such "imagination". I "imagined" my underwear slowly slipping from my ass to my thigh, revealing my private parts. I had to stop what I was doing and check myself carefully to determine if I was still wearing clothes. I dreamed with my eyes open more and more frequently, and I couldn't figure out whether I was dressed, or whether I was wearing a bra or panties all day long. I have to check my attire again and again.

However, even if for some reason I can be quite sure that I haven't taken off my clothes, I still can't stop the feeling of shaking my heart. That feeling often makes my lower body moist, no, it should be said that it is flooding...

I can't stop the occasional thoughts of wanting sex games or even wanting to have sex... Such thoughts will manifest themselves in various forms.

Moreover, things have become more and more serious. Now, almost every day, even if he is not by my side, there will be flashes of him kissing my thigh in my mind from time to time. More than once, I found myself indulged in the dream of him stroking and sucking my breasts, and not only did the nipple really protrude and harden, I even hoped to attract his attention.

Recently, this has bothered me more and more frequently, making me have to stop what I am doing and try my best to temporarily leave the image I imagined in my mind. In those imaginary images, he slowly sneaked through the mist in my mind, until he "slid" his tongue into my labia and teased my clitoris.

At least once, when I was lying in a quiet bedroom and masturbating, I imagined that his hard penis replaced my fingers, twitching in my hot, hot and thirsty vagina. The orgasm brought by imagination is more than real sex. The orgasm is more violent, more exciting...almost the perfect one.

Now, when I walk into the kitchen to prepare fast food for him, I feel more and more excited, until Jane is beyond containment. I realize that my body is trembling constantly, and the palpitating tingling is permeating my body... My nipples have become hard and cocked, rubbing in the bra, which is itchy; I feel my breasts too. It began to become heavier and more bulging, eagerly looking forward to his caressing and rubbing; my labia began to become bloodshot and moist; my excited groin eagerly awaited his "touch"; my two thighs were tight Close to each other to pinch the pussy to prevent the lewd water from flowing out of the vagina; the muscles of my ass are tight, I imagine his hard penis is rubbing in the groin, trying to penetrate the already flooded cunt.

I recently bought some sex toys but I feel that I can’t satisfy my desires. I want more. I recently heard that my friend bought a male doll and said it’s very good, but it’s not very convenient for me to buy full-size sex doll, because I don’t know where to put it, I want to buy a male doll with a torso first.

wen xing
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