How will Healthcare Mobile Apps change the whole Healthcare industry?

Emma Jhonson

Technology has drastically changed every perspective of our lives. The widespread use of smartphones by more than 3 billion people worldwide has made everything available at the fingertips.

This has also made health services readily available to users. The intervention of machinery and advanced applications has also transformed the medical sector.

According to Statista, the market for mobile medical applications will grow to more than $11 billion by 2025. Also, due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, people worldwide are dependent on mHealth.

These aspects have created an opportunity for physicians and medical organizations to seek new ideas for medical applications.

Reasons behind the development of Medical Apps

With time, it is pretty clear that there is a huge demand for medical apps globally, and in the future, it will become more, and because of this, there is a rise in medical applications in a few years.

Sometimes, the patients cannot visit the hospital due to lack of transport or any support that can take them to the hospitals until and unless it becomes indispensable, people like to take appointments virtually.

Many doctors use the EHR system, which helps the doctors know the patients’ medical history, and according to the record, they can have a better view of the problem or disease in patients.

Few best reasons and advantages of using Healthcare mobile app:

  • Customer retention
  • Patient health monitoring
  • Effective record-keeping
  • Ease of communication
  • Reduces clinical visits
  • Medication planning

Many companies are taking initiatives and asking the healthcare software development companies to make apps like these that can benefit the patients and the doctors.

Now let us dive directly dive into some best Healthcare mobile app ideas:

Doctor Consultation App

There is no schedule of getting ill. Anyone can fall sick anytime as someone might get a stomach ache at midnight or early morning or maybe a headache that can be tough to handle, so what to do then?

The Doctor Consultation app can be pretty helpful as the doctor can recommend the best medicine, diet chart, and advice to get hospitalized if the pain or sickness level is severe.

You can consult a trained doctor and get appointments online. These apps also provide you with video chats with doctors. Besides, you can also harness these apps to pay your doctor.

According to Statista, the telemedicine market is sure to have a value above $175 billion by the year 2026. So, the demand for these types of medical apps is relatively high.

As smartphones are increasing rapidly, the use of these apps has grown immensely, and there is great scope for these apps to rule the market by doing healthcare app marketing.

Health Reminder apps

Because of the busy schedule of many people, they forget their timely routine checkups, and Health reminder apps help those who generally fail to take appointments by giving them timely notifications or alerting them.

It is among the best ideas to start a startup. Many companies hire healthcare mobile app developers to develop an application like this as it has several benefits and has very little competition.

Countless apps can be made on this single app idea as it has a broader scope. You can update the application by combining tips for users with multiple health conditions.

Moreover, you can also fix goals for users in those apps to achieve. These branches to the ideas will accelerate the growth of your medical startup.

The demand for these apps is always high because people often forget to take appointments or forget the appointment dates, and this app will help them without taking much.

Self-test apps

Smartphones have become proficient in keeping overlooking your body vitals. Situations like these have given birth to various ideas to build a medical app that can be used to examine health at home.

Why Apps like this are helpful:

  • The application enables users to examine their health regularly. And take actions based on the information given by the app.
  • These apps save time for patients as they don’t have to make appointments with the doctor for testing repeatedly.
  • Advantages like these make it one of the brilliant ideas for healthcare startups.

As per Cision PR Newswire, the market of the mobile medical app will hit the $11.22 billion mark in 2025, which actually means that there will be a lot of work for healthcare software development companies to develop apps like this, and demand for the apps will be high.

Medical Records apps

This app idea of medical records is a type of journal app that allows patients to manually add their health records and share them with the doctor before the appointment.

This type of solution allows the doctor to know the health records and, taking this into account, and doctors can prescribe medications or take additional measures.

With the help of this app, patients or users can update their profiles from time to time, and while making an appointment with the doctor, patients can share their profile, and with the help of it, the doctor will find the exact situation of the patients.

The future of healthcare will be perfect because of these apps, which will connect the patients to the doctors all the time.

According to the report, the global mHealth apps market was valued at approximately USD 8.0 billion in 2018 and is expected to generate around USD 111.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of around 38.26% between 2019 and 2025.

The main advantage of this app is that it reduces the hassle of paperwork and keeps all the records safe and secure without any complications.

Medical Training App

Being a doctor is never easy as it makes you responsible for someone’s life. Therefore, it is necessary to perform all your physical tasks effectively and carefully.

This takes practice, and you can train yourself in surgical procedures with the help of medical training apps and ideas.

Doctors and interns can take advantage of the app’s power and learn how to perform the surgery. These technologies help young physicians participate in the surgical process without actually operating on the patient.

This is a clear indication of the demand for such startup ideas for the healthcare field. Additionally, these technologies can be used to improve patient experience and data visualization. You can connect with healthcare mobile application development for developing an app like this.

IoT-based Health tracking app

It is among the top startup ideas in the medical field is building a health tracking application for doctors. It will help them to have a close and regular eye on the patients.

Through health tracking applications and smart wearables, doctors can keep a close check on their patients.

These applications are organized into EHR systems to follow all the necessary health details of the patients.

Smart wearables can track real-time user vitals like:

  • Pulse
  • Heart rate
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure

This gives proper care to the patients whenever required.

Like IoT, with the help of blockchain, doctors and patients can save their records safely and securely, and blockchain is helping a lot to the healthcare industry.

According to Statista, the Internet of Things (IoT) in the healthcare market worldwide from 2016 to 2025. In 2016, healthcare-related IoT revenues amounted to 24 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, with forecasts predicting that this number will increase to over 135 billion by 2025.

This idea of developing an IoT-based app will be beneficial for the healthcare industry and to the businessmen as the competition is shallow at this time, so what are you waiting for? Connect with healthcare app development services and develop an IoT-based healthcare app.

Medical Translation apps

This app can help reduce the language barrier between the doctor and patients, and this app helps them understand their users well and prescribe them the necessary treatment in their language.

As the doctors speak in English and as per reports, around 20% of people don’t speak English in the U.S. Medical Translation app can be beneficial in eliminating the language barrier. You can develop this app or hire healthcare app developers to build an app on this idea as the scope for this app to rank is relatively high.

Healthcare is a big industry, and if you want to develop a healthcare-related app on your own, you can check online that there are various complete guides for healthcare app development.


Smart wearables increase tracking of body vitals with sensors, making it easy to quickly detect the nerves and the body’s blood pressure. Creating an app using these technologies can really advance healthcare in the world.

These Healthcare apps mentioned above are among the best apps that can be developed to do welfare in the society and gain good recognition as the scope is high to rank and competition is less than other industries.

You can hire a healthcare application development company to make you an app like mentioned above as per your will, and you can even do customization to engage more audiences and rank better.


Emma Jhonson
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