How to buy the right toys for your Child?

John Smith

First and foremost, make a secure check - choking hazards, toxic/non toxic, flammable/inflammable - more such, you want to remember of already.

Interest of the child: this is often vital - pass the interest of your child, think from their shoes before you invest. .

Ask yourself simple questions •

DON’T BUY A TOY simply because you wish IT, IT’S FOR the kid

Age group mentioned on every toy: This matters only to an extent, you don’t really need to pass the age mention. counting on your child’s skills/requirements you'll either go up the size or down the size (down the size very rarely)

Rather than asking an issue “What age does one suggest this toy for ?” - consider your child’s interest and skill, get to understand more about the toy then you get to make a decision because you're the one who knows what your child needs - Agreed??

Don’t choose a toy to Buy toys for kids where your child are going to be just a spectator, the more the toy performs , the less will your child do. (Battery operated) - the toy shouldn’t be completely battery operated , the toy should let the kid explore, create and play with it.

Long lasting toys: open ended toys , toys that grow together with your child. Quality of the toy - the toy must survive the handling of a toddler . It’s not about big brands it’s about the standard . Sometimes at local stores you'll find a couple of amazing toys that you simply might not find in big stores - they happen to serve the aim rather well , so it’s about the standard and merchandise .

John Smith
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