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Best Eyelash Extensions For Mature Eyes - A Complete Guide

Joseph Clark
Best Eyelash Extensions For Mature Eyes - A Complete Guide

As we age, the human body goes through a lot of changes. None of us is ever happy with those changes. Some have pre-mature graying, excessive loss of hair (even in the eyelashes), sagging of the skin, baldness, wrinkles, etc. All these things together harm ones mental health as accepting these changes gets challenging. The lash artists have the power to help women get back their youthful beauty and help them feel confident and happy with their appearance. If the question “Am I too old to get classic eyelash extensions?” ever arise in your mind, just know no one in this world is too old to get eyelash extensions.

Doing classic lashes on a client who is above 50 requires a different set of skills and expertise. This is challenging and needs advanced planning. In this read, we will share some excellent tips and tricks that will help you make your lash salon have an inclusive environment.

We know how much women love long eyelashes and eyebrow lamination. Why isolate older women from this happiness? Keep reading to know the best eyelash extensions for mature eyes. 

How to prep natural lashes or mature clients?

Prepping the lashes means getting them ready for the lash extensions. Irrespective of the age of the client, prep is important. But, with age, comes challenges. Hence, the lash artist needs to know how to prep natural lashes of older clients for the best results. 

Just like other changes that occur with age, our skin also tends to get oilier as we get older and so does our lashes. Other changes may be almost irreversible but, oily lashes are a minor inconvenience. This can be solved by using the right product. 

To remove excess oil from a mature client’s eyelashes, start by applying lash foam followed by a lash primer to remove the excess build-up of oil on the natural lashes. That’s how easy it is. The lash primer helps in dissolving any natural oils and makeup residue on the lashes. The primer also balances the pH of the natural lashes. This results in a stronger bond between the natural lash and eyelash extension which ultimately leads to long lash retention. 

What type of lash extension is best to use for older clients?

Ageing is a factor that has the potential to create obstacles during a beauty treatment. The lashes are not the only thing. Fortunately, we are here to help you get through this hurdle as well.  

As we discussed above, with age many things change. Similarly, the natural lashes in older women tend to get thin and brittle. As a result, they fail to hold the weight of the classic eyelash extensions and begin falling off with the natural lashes. To fix this, use it is recommended to use a much lighter lash than usual. 

To gain the client’s confidence, let them know what you are doing differently than other lash salons. This will reassure them that the lashes won’t fall off. 

How to manage bald spots on the lash line? 

This is more common in women than men due to menopause. The hormonal imbalance causes thinning of the lashes and creates bald spots. This can be heartbreaking for many women. To save us, we have a wide fan volume at our rescue.

Lashes getting lighter with age - 

Although not as common, some women’s lash color changes as they age. They get lighter in shade. This happens because the hair loses its luster and shine and color fades away. For all the women going through this tough time, do not worry; the lash extension Knoxville Tn artist promises to give you conquerable lashes by using a brown lash extension instead of the classic black one. Brown lashes have variety too. If the client is looking for a simple look, a flat brown lash is the best pick. For a dramatic setting, a fanning brown lash is a perfect choice. 

With age develops droopy eyes - 

As we age, our skin loses collagen. The skin gets relaxed and gets droopy. The same with eyelids. In the lash industry, droopy eyelids cause issues during the process of curl selection. We have a solution for these as well. For older clients, clients with hooded and deep-set eyes the best curl is L and L+ curl lash. This style is catered to the above groups. L+ has more curl than L. If your client is unhappy with L, go for L+. 

Which is the best thickness and length for mature women’s lashes - 

Naturally, our older clients have thinner lashes as compared to the ones in their 20s or 30s. We recommend using lash extensions with a diameter of 0.10mm to 0.15mm for classic eyelash extensions. As far as the length is concerned, keep them 2mm shorter than the natural lash length. Long eyelash extensions will emphasize bald spots and won’t stick on for long. But, if the client has droopy eyelids or hooded eyes, it is smarter to go for longer eyelashes because the lashes tend to hide under the eyelids. 


Perhaps not all mature women want eyelash extensions. If this is the case, lash lift is another great way of making your natural lashes pop. 

Conclusion – 

We believe it is the lash artist’s job to make themselves knowledgeable enough to provide excellent services to all their clients, irrespective of age. 


If you are a mature woman reading this and you live around Knoxville check out eyelash extensions near me and pay a visit to Wisp Lashes. The lash experts there will not disappoint you. 


Joseph Clark
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