Why should your business consider cloud-based ECM? (Chapter-1)

Jun 15, 2021 10:45

Most business applications are moving to the cloud — most notably, with the expansion of remote work — and ECM software is no exception.
Traditionally, companies have installed company content management applications in their own data centers. With the advent of cloud computing, most ECM devices are now cloud-based.

Legacy, on-campus applications often bring challenges related to maintenance, costs, and business continuity. Cloud-based ECM, on the other hand, facilitates IT management, automates software updates, and integrates easily with other tools in the cloud-based ecosystem.
Companies should review the benefits and best practices of moving to a cloud-based ECM.

What is ECM?

Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, is a set of defined processes, strategies, and technologies that allow a business to effectively acquire, manage, store and deliver to its business shareholders inside and outside the organization.

Enterprise content management systems have evolved to bring a wide variety of content into the office, but its main focus remains the same: the management of a company’s information assets in a formal information center, made available at the right time, in the right place, and the right format to support business processes.

What problems are associated with legacy ECM?
There are a number of issues with managing on-campus ECM software, including:
At a minimum, the comprehensive ECM platform should provide file sharing, document management, and record management.

M Maintaining ECM server infrastructure. Enhancing the on-campus ECM environment utilizes IT’s infrastructure and public resources. Newer servers and upgrades to existing servers use memory, disk storage, processing power, and network bandwidth.

Maintaining ECM software. Often lags behind in implementing updates and feature releases for on-campus applications. This is because of the complexity in applying the updates or the effect of the update on the availability and duration of the product. Expiring product versions that do not have vendor support is also problematic. In addition, organizations’ internal processes, resource availability, and priority constraints can lead to delays in scaling the ECM platform.

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Jun 15, 2021 10:45
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