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How the Snake Catcher Moreton Bay Works

leo smith

Snakes, also known as serpents, are limbless reptiles with an elongated body and tail. Only 200 out of 600 venomous snakes’ wounds or kill humans. In all, there are over 3,400 types of snakes. However, because of these 200 odd species, humans fear that all snakes can be lethal. The snake catcher Moreton Bay is a professional who does not believe in killing the serpent they catch. The snake catchers will capture, handle, transport, and release the snake in a pre-specified, ecologically appropriate release ground. Many snake catchers keep snakes as pets at home. 

What you must do:

As mentioned, not every snake is venomous. Whether at home, garden, or street, if you come across one, walk away from the place. Most snakes are as frightened as you are since they have come into some unfamiliar surroundings. However, if you can identify the snake as non-venomous and are confident of removing it, use a snake trap.

Call an expert:

The safest method is to keep an eye on its movements and call a professional snake catcher north Brisbane. The advantage of contacting them is they handle the snakes delicately without causing any physical harm to them.

The snake catchers have the expertise as they undergo training in organizations that are recognized by the Queensland government. They work as a team though they may not maintain an office. When they get a call for help, the guy nearest to the distress area reaches out to them. Doing do they ensure there is no delay and people do not panic.

Snakes can hide when they hear a commotion making it difficult for them to search and capture. The snake catcher Moreton Bay will ask:

  • how long it took for the customer to call?
  • Did they attack the snake?
  • Was it hiding or moving?
  • Was anyone keeping a watch on it?

They also will clarify that they will not be successful in catching every snake that you see. The serpent might have moved away from your location.

Conclusion: Some of the snake catchers, Brisbane also offers snake awareness talks and first aid courses for the local community as part of their services.  

leo smith
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