Benefits of Wearing Zircon Gemstone


Alike the precious Diamond, Natural Zircon is a colorless dazzling gemstone that comes with a natural sparkle and delightful rainbow flashes of hue. This excellent and extraordinary look makes this stone more worthy. It is a semi-precious stone of the Nesosilicate mineral species and also known as Jarkan in Hindi. Due to its resemblance, Real Zircon is also viewed as a substitution of a diamond. These stones are cheaper and affordable than diamonds. According to its astrological use, this Zircon stone is associated with the planet Venus which brings good luck to the wearer and blesses individuals whose zodiac sign is Taurus and Libra. Zircon comes in stunning shades of color such as white (colorless), brown, blue, red, yellow, green, orange, etc. Where pure White Zircon is the most expensive one, Brown Zircon or white with a tint of yellowish and bluish shade is comparatively less. 

                     The colorless quality makes white zircon equivalent to diamond and also more worthwhile due to its sharp clarity, transparency, and astrological applications. After white zircon, the blue and red zircons are more popular or valuable. As the intensity of the color goes deeper, it will make the stone more expensive. Natural Zircon Stone is widely famous for its astrological use. Astrologers have proven many advantages of Zircon stone. People wear this stone to get rid of the bad effects of the misplaced planet Venus. Its cosmic remedial properties, make it a renowned astrological gemstone. Owing to the supernatural powers, it secures a separate place in Vedic astrology. So get ready to know more about this beautiful miraculous stone. Readout below some of the amazing benefits of Zircon and if this stone is suitable for you or not according to your zodiac sign. 

Benefits of Wearing Zircon Gemstone

  1. Real Zircon cures fever, insanity, abdominal problems, and difficulties with the reproductive system. It provides you with a good respiratory system. 
  2. It also assists you in dealing with your mental issues like anxiety, depression, headache, migraine, etc. This stone gives you mental peace upon wearing in touch with your skin.
  3. Natural White Zircon can bless you with a happy married life. It will bring tremendous joy, love, trust, care, and happiness to your married life.
  4. This stone is also beneficial for those who are exploring to build better opportunities in their career or looking out for higher study options. It boosts your determination to work hard and open your way to victory. 
  5. Zircon has a unique power that eliminates negative energies from your life and develops positive energy around you. Wearing this stone will grant you a healthy sleep at night, removes the nightmares, and negative thoughts of the mind.
  6. Wearing this stone promotes your creativity level to work uniquely. Besides providing you with a good health system, another privilege of this stone is that you can use zircon stone in your pieces of jewelry. 


Who Should Wear Zircon Stone


Zircon is related to planet Venus so astrologers say by wearing this stone individuals can strengthen the weak condition of Venus in their horoscope which grants them mental harmony, positive mindset, determination, and health pleasure.


Vedic astrology says that this stone brings good luck especially for Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi.


Western astrology endorse that Zircon (Jarkan) is the birthstone of December month and Cancer Sign.


This gem is additionally worn by the natives of Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn sun sign. 


Note:- Some important elements you should know about Zircon Stone Before Buying or wearing it. 


  1. Weight: It is recommended that the minimum weight should be 1/10th of the total body mass.
  2. Color: For Astrological purposes, you should wear white (colorless), transparent Natural Zircon.
  3. Metal: Silver or platinum is most preferred but you can also wear it with gold. 
  4. Finger: You should wear it on the ring finger of the right or working hand. 
  5. Day & Time: The best day advised is Friday, in the morning at Shukla Paksha Muhurat between 5 am to 7 am. 
  6. Guru Mantra: Chant ‘Om Shum Shukraya Namah’, ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः for 108 times while wearing. 


Buy Zircon Gemstone Online


All the preceding information is given for your guidance based on most general research, so before ordering consult a specialist astrologer and show them to you Kundli and he will recommend a perfect stone for you. 

                  Online you get hassle-free shopping with a doorstep delivery option and easy return facility. You can easily search a wide range of gemstone products online and can compare the price, quality, and details with others. So here is a Gem Bazar named Navratan that provides you with a Certified Zircon Stone with a quality check certificate.

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