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How Do You Clean A Smelly Bathroom Sink Drain?

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How Do You Clean A Smelly Bathroom Sink Drain?

If your bathroom is looking clean, but facing the problem of foul smell emanating from the sink drain. No one wants a smelly drain, especially in small spaces like bathrooms. A drain clogs the entire pipe, so that water does not come into it.

Most people put in a lot of effort to keep the rebellious smell out of the bathroom. They regularly clean their bathroom and keep their bathroom full of deodorant spray.

What if the bathroom smells after keeping it clean, and maybe the smell isn't coming from the toilet or trash can but from the sink? There can be many reasons for this. If you have no time to clean it properly, you can take the help of a professional.

Keep Your Bathroom Smells Fresh

Here are some ways to remove unpleasant odors from your drains. Again, if you cannot fix these problems, you may want to contact a professional to have your backup. Use them to line your trash can. They emit a pleasant aroma to get rid of the mess inside the trash can.

Weekly clean

If you can't clean your bathroom daily, use a Clorox wipe to clean the entire vanity/surface area twice a week. If you want to prevent odor from accumulating, then you should collect the dirt and grime should be prevented from the sink.

Use shower

If you are bothered by a strange smell emanating from the shower, it could be because of the shower drains. It can easily be mold or mildew on the inside of your curtains or doors. If you want to avoid this, make sure to clean these areas immediately whenever you use the shower.

Properly hang towels and bath mats

When you leave the corner while washing wet towels, which starts to stink by collecting mildew. So, you can avoid it by hanging properly.

Use regular scented candles.

Even if you don't need a burning candle, it's sometimes also the most effective way to purify the room of the smell. Open windows or even proper ventilation goes a long way.

Remove hair From sink drain

People often shave their hair while brushing or over the sink, so this causes clumps to become blocked. First, remove the drain stopper to see if you can remove the clog yourself. You can use a simple unclogging gel, if it's too far. The manufacturer's instructions should follow when handling these chemicals.

 A smelly bathroom sink drain problem is caused by the regular accumulation of odor, residue, and bacteria in the drain. There are a few inexpensive household ingredients you can use while keeping the sink clean and odor-free. You should avoid chemicals and expensive drain cleaners. It is often ineffective and uses chemicals you don't want around your home or family.

If you are searching for bathroom drain cleaning services, don't hesitate to contact Service Champions They can solve the drain cleaning issues and help you get your home cleaning and smelling fresh.

Service Champions
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