Top five New Features For TikTok Advertising In 2021


Do you know?TikTok is one of the compelling forces to be considered within the marketing world. It has 689 million monthly active users from every corner of this world.TikTok provides a massive space for brands and marketers to run winning marketing campaigns. Though it has 2.5 billion downloads, it launched new features, changed the app formats and branding solution.

In this article, let us see some of the new features introduced in 2021 under TikTok advertising.


TikTok Branding Solution

Tiktok has launched four new branding solution



  • Premium Badge 2.0


            The premium badge 2.0 badge is clickable, includes a customizable and unique CTA.

  1. Interactive Gesture Ads

        Interactive gesture ads help to grab users' attention and blow up your engagement rate to bring plenty of TikTok views for your brand. Interactive gesture ads will allow the users to

        slide and click to see a surprise gesture.

  1.   Voting Stickers

          It allows the users to say their opinion with a poll, which helps figure your TikTok fans

          thoughts and lets them see the result.

  1. 4.   Donation Stickers

         Using these stickers, you can drive charitable donations and motivate viewers to donate.


Update:1 Collection Ads

Using collection ads, advertisers can use multiple product cards, an instant storefront, product page for their business or brands. Of course, it will be a smooth shopping experience for users. It offers the best solution for the retail segment and direct responses for the e-commerce business.

TikTok introduced, highlighting sounds that can attract the chosen clients reporting a +13% CTR height and three times increased visitors to their page.

Update:2 Promo Tiles

The promo tiles feature used for promoting discounts for your business. This ad will be a perfect choice for brands who want to enhance their promotion efficiency and boost their engagement rate, audience interaction. You can create your own customizable image tiles, which enable you to highlight your sales, promotional messages and add your discount code for users. 

Update:3 Showcase Tiles

This ad is similar to promo tiles, but here you have more sales opportunities. Using showcase tiles, you can promote plenty of products within a single ad. Showcase tiles ads will be a perfect fit for multitasking marketers or smart workers, because they can highlight their selling products with their own CTA and customize their way to increase engagement rates.

Updated:4 Shopify partnership

I think you all may have heard about TikTok and the Shopify partnership. Just create a link to a TikTok business account to sync up payments and merchandise libraries. Now, you can manage and optimize all your conversion campaigns through TikTok.Using this powerful duo, you can get detailed insights and track campaign performance to buy with one-click TikTok pixel.

Updated:5 Lead gen Ads

By getting new leads in a flash, you can find a new solution for building prospects. Using lead gen ads, it's possible to trigger fast-loading instant forms via CTA. It will drive more excellent conversion rates with the option of a pre-population feature.

Moreover, it has an entirely customizable format that is enhanced contextual relevance will generate interest and provide high-quality leads, adding ever-crucial one-click data exporting.


TikTok is the ideal stage for marketing your business, brands, or e-commerce market. You have endless opportunities to enhance your business growth, sales count, and more.

On TikTok, the trend is at an alarming speed. It will only last a short period. Therefore keep your eyesight on new features on TikTok. Make sure you stay on trend and get the benefit for your marketing campaign.

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