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Dashanga Lepa is an Ayurvedic home grown glue clinically utilized as a mitigating specialist and generally suggested for treating a large number of skin issues including herpes wounds, dermatitis and irritation.

Elements of Dashanga Lepa

Dashang Lep is a polyherbal plan ready by mixing ten distinct spices, viz Shirisha, Yashtimadhu, Tagara, Rakta chandana, Ela, Jatamanshi, Haridra, Daruharidra, Kushta, and Sugandha bala.


Signs for Dashanga Lepa

Dashanga Lepa is produced using ten powerful spices which have a mysterious impact in different skin diseases like Herpes, skin ejections, non-recuperating wound, swellings, bubbles, headache, migraine, ulcer, skin harming, erysipelas and so forth It is likewise used to treat:

Skin break out

Skin inflammation






Parasitic disease




Rheumatoid joint pain

Chickenpox rankles

Agony and irritation in bosoms.

Exploration on Dashanga Lepa in clinical practice

Ayurvedic drugs are utilized since days of yore to address a horde of infirmities. In the previous few decades, Ayurveda has gathered its due revamping which brought up numerous issues in regards to the logical proof of adequacy and wellbeing of such medications. Numerous investigates are directed to set up the utilization of Dashanga lepa for skin issues and joint pain.

Adequacy of Dashang Lep in the Management of Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a typical yet conceivably genuine bacterial skin disease whose effect goes from gentle distress to extreme blood poisoning bringing about death. In the clinical investigation, the organization of Dashang lepa showed a genuinely critical decrease of torment, edema, erythema, delicacy and fever in the patients. Hence the outcomes uncovered Dashanga lepa is extremely powerful against shallow provocative growing.

Agony the board

Dashanga lepa is discovered to be exceptionally powerful in diminishing agony which is brought about by an expanded degree of prostaglandins during an incendiary response. Study on the medication Dashang lepa uncovered its pain relieving impact which helps in battling irritation.


Oedema increments because of a height of nearby hydrostatic pressing factor and gathering of sweated liquid. Dashanga lepa showed profoundly critical outcomes as far as diminishing oedema.


Erythema in incendiary cycle is because of expanded blood supply over harmed region because of vasodilatation. Dashanga lepa has shown genuinely critical outcomes in decrease of erythema (redness).


Dashang lepa has shown antipyretic impact that is gainful in decreasing summed up temperature. It likewise decreases neighborhood temperature.

Clinical Study of Dashang Lep in Acute Inflammatory Swellings

Clinical examination demonstrated that Dashanga Lepa was profoundly powerful in decreasing agony. There was profoundly huge decrease in oedema, delicacy, erythema and fever among the patients treated with Dashanga Lepa.

Dashang Lepa blend for joint inflammation

If there should arise an occurrence of osteoarthritis or joint torment because of wounds, a glue of Dashanga taila and sesame oil is applied over the influenced region. The outcomes expressed that the glue is valuable in alleviating the irritation, lessening solidness, destroying torment and facilitating development of the joints.

Dashanga Lepa for mumps

Dashang lepa, when recommended in mumps, showed expected outcomes in diminishing growing in mumps.

Security Profile of Dashang Lep

Dashang lepa is discovered to be protected in practically all cases and dermatological signs are incredibly uncommon. In uncommon events it might cause expanded warmth or consuming sensation.

Ideas and Precautions on utilization of Dashang Lep

yogesh pathak
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