Python Project Idea: Tips For First Coding Project In Python

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Learning Python projects can be challenging. Whether you watch videos or read books, it is the actual application of what you learn that makes a big difference. Your motivation could be affected if you spend too much time learning the syntax of programming. If you want to accomplish this, what are the things you can do to improve your chances?


First, I completed the Python projects. Understanding everything about what you are learning will be easier when you create Python projects. It will feel good to make Python projects once you start learning. Creating the first coding project in Python can be challenging, especially for beginners. As you prepare to begin, you will ask yourself questions such as, where will you begin? An effective Python project consists of what?

Basic Python Project Ideas For Beginners


Guessing The Number

Then, you can use several different possibilities to choose the correct number after creating a program that randomly chooses a number. With each wrong selection, the computer will tell you the number is smaller or larger than the one you selected.

Some additional basic python project ideas are:


  1. Python Simulation of Rolling A Dice


Using the simulator, you will be able to experience the process of rolling dice. You can then repeatedly roll the dice to get a number until you choose to quit the program until the casual number is created.

  1. Email Slicer Program


It is an effective program to extract the domain name and username from an email address using the email slicer. These data can help you customize a message and convey it to your users.

  1. Desktop Notification Application


You will receive notifications after some time through desktop applications that run on your computer. The application can be built using libraries such as requests, notify2, etc.

  1. Python Story Generator


Several customizations will be applied to the randomly generated stories. The stories will be transformed based on the words you enter. This can be done by asking users to include some words such as name, action, etc.

Why Project-Based Learning Is So Effective


Firstly, let’s see why learning based on the project method is so efficient. 


  • It Helps You To Stay Motivated 

You can pick a topic or project that you are actually interested in when you make Python projects, so you will learn more efficiently. 


  • Effectiveness

In addition to teaching students new skills as quickly as possible, the best first Python project also enables them to put those skills into practice. Since you will be trying to identify the specific things you need to create your project, there will be no time wasted on studying unnecessary things.


  • Problem-Solving

Problem-solving skills are essential for Python programmers as well as for all programmers. With the first Python project, you will have a variety of ideas for dealing with problems and solving them using code.


The purpose of this article is to provide all the useful information regarding the Python project and why project-based learning is so important for you. In addition to that, we have listed a few Python project ideas that are appropriate for beginners and can be solved easily. It will be easier to understand everything you learn if you make a Python project. 

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