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Use Gemstones Based At Astrology


Gems have always been suggested in sync with the science of astrology. Gemstones are the harbingers of success, happiness, laughter, peace, wealth and good health. People are also attracted by the charm of these sparkling stones. Gemstones have been used for centuries to safeguard their health, wealth and prosperity apparently for many years. These glowing crystals are listed in ancient scriptures as having strong powers that can change the destiny of people and create positivity and restore health.

What did the ancients say about Gemstone?
Tantra Sara mentions that the body is made up of nine gemstones or describes. There are nine components in the human body and they correspond to these Navratri. Tantra Sara is a major Tantric text which gives information about the relationship between man and gems. These semi-precious stones have affected human beings and their overall health.

A beautiful picture of the origin of gems and their planetary relationship is also depicted in the Puranas. There are two types of Navratnas – semi-precious and precious stones. Online precious stones are diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, pearl and ruby. When one goes to buy semi-precious stones online, the stones that appear are hessonite, cat's eye and yellow sapphire. Such division of Navratri is not on the basis of their brightness, brilliance or permanence but on the basis of its usefulness and effect on the human mind, electromagnetic field, chemistry and body.

What are the things to be kept in mind while buying gemstones?
People buy loose gemstones online or as a part of jewellery. But astrologers and gemologists recommend the use of gems according to the Moon planet located on that particular zodiac. However, just being related to the Moon is not enough; Gemstones have innate energy and adding energy to a wrongly placed planet can have harmful effects. Therefore, before buying a gemstone, an astrologer should be consulted. If you Looking for a Gemstone expert Astrologer. That Give Advice for gemstones. Then, Here List of the Top Best Astrologer in Mohali Punjab and India.

It is generally advised that many gems should not be worn on one finger by combining them together. Each finger is related to some planet. Therefore, although the ring finger is best for wearing such a ring, the gemstone ring should be worn on the right finger associated with that planet.

There is also a difference between the right hand and the left hand. Where the right hand is solar, the left hand is lunar. A person seeking peace, stability and stability in life has to wear the gemstones related to the solar planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu on the left side of the moon. Moon related gems like Venus, Jupiter and Mercury should be worn on the right hand i.e. Surya. Such a well-coordinated array of gemstones at your fingertips is sure to bring success and a new lease of life.

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