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When we think of customer service, we can only think of traditional customer service model : visiting a typical brick-and-mortar store, going to the customer-service help desk, pitching the problem a product is having, then returning something or asking for the manager. However, in the 21st century customer service is more critical to site's success and credibility since so much purchasing happens digitally and without any manager standing behind the desk so to speak.


Your customer's online shopping expedition lives or dies based on how well-organized and responsive their online customer service is. If they have excellent customer service- quick, apt, timely, easy-to-find etc- then their ecommerce businesses have more chances of surviving and growing because the customers will recommend their site to other and sing their praise. But if their customer service is dwindled by bad design or worst, if it is non-existent , then they will probably leave their site in go and not return.


That's why, in our digital age, where people live and breathe online, it is really relevant to design a site with customer service as its main feature. You simply can't let go of this fact. Web designers who are incorporating a good and responsive customer service in their designs are giving clients an upper hand and making themselves more hirable.


The website designers here at, Web Solution Centre, a company catering best Online Marketing in Delhi have curated simple ways by which designers can include customer service elements in their work.


Live Chat provides Real Time Customer Support

You may have noticed a small window appearing at the bottom corner of your ecommerce site, claiming that a live agent will talk to you and answer all your queries in case you have any queries or concerns.


Well welcome to the world of live chat.

Generic online customer-service solution allow people working as a live agent for the ecommerce store to use an app or browser, to directly converse with the visitors browsing and exploring the site, in real time.  In return the customer feel gratified if they have a problem on the site, a query, some feedback or any other issue that the visitor want the Web Designing Company should address  immediately.


There are many apps that allow Live Chat option for E-commerce store owners. A few notable mentions include,

According to a study conducted by the Help Scout, 78% of the customers have abandoned a transaction or refused to go through a deliberate purchase simply because they experience a poor customer service.


On-Site Self-Service Resources help customers solve their own queries

The merit behind offering live chat to your customer is that they can get help on the spot. This diminishes the need of shooting dozens of mails or calling up a customer service rep on the phone and only that to in business hours.


But what if there is an even faster way for online shopper to find the help that they're looking for when they have a question, problem, or just want to learn more about a site's products or Website Designing Company services.


There’s an option of designing part or dedicated page of the client’s site, for self help page, where customers can access and dwell over until they find the answers. A so called knowledge based information through FAQs. There is a proper flow of questions which helps customers to solve their problems on their own and beauty of this concept is, customer find their answers then and there without any additional hard work.


These are two of the most crucial reasons why you should keep customer service in mind while designing your ecommerce site. 

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