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We put during a lot of your time in raising these adorable creatures They get the simplest health care and every one the love that they deserve. Their bright beautiful colors, smart and friendly nature makes them the simplest pets anyone could ever dream of getting. If you're keen on these birds the maximum amount as we do and you're looking forward to owning one, you're within the right place. We breed african grey parrot swearing .
We offer a health guarantee on all our birds.
We breed our parrots during a good sanitary environment.
We score a 10/10 on the health care and diet.
100% assistance for first time owners and people who previously owned them.
All our baby parrots are hand fed and receive proper checkup .
Always available to answer all of your questions and clarify your doubts.
We ship and that we accept pickup. A pickup date must be set and pickup form filled and signed.
We don't accept cattery visits when parrots are still babies. At this age, their system haven't fully developed.


We ship both adult and baby parrots worldwide!
Were you checking out a bird(s) and now have found an ideal match? this is often how we handle the shipping procedure. As soon as we confirm the acquisition of your bird plus shipping fees if required, we'll get a pet transportation service to require care of the whole process. We select the simplest flight(s) possible taking the general time period and layovers into consideration. Additionally, the airlines provide a "Pet First" travel program including a climate control area for all parrots that pass by air.
The service therefore picks the bird(s) up and deliver to the airline. The customer is furnished with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill number, and flight time of arrival before departure. it's recommended that you simply arrive the airport before the expected flight time of arrival . so your parrot isn't waiting at the airport for any length of your time . Customers will receive a confirmation call from us on the day of shipment. A return call or e-mail to rainbow parrots letting us know that the bird(s) arrived safely is greatly appreciated.
The birds are transported in special facilities with an equivalent pressure and temperature because the passenger cabin. We ship year-round, limited by severe weather how much is an african grey parrot , or requirements specific to the airline or the receiving airport, or when it'd be unsafe to ship the bird. Normally we prefer all homes to return and devour their bird face to face except for people who aren't within driving distances, we provide person to person delivery via major airlines. Airfreight charges vary from one airline to a different but generally are around $80 -$200 nationwide when free shipping isn't available. the space isn't the sole deciding factor. it's supported the dimensional weight of the shipping crate and declared value of the birds).
We guarantee that there are not any symptoms of disease or parasites at the time of sale which our birds are completely healthy. this suggests that our birds are freed from viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal infections, and congenital defects.
Breeder Health Guarantee: All birds accompany a 72-hour limited health guarantee. If not we'll replace the bird or provides a full refund on the acquisition price, if proven to not be healthy at the time of sale. Once a bird leaves our home, circumstances and conditions are beyond our control, therefore we cannot guarantee the birds beyond this 72-hour period. If you’re avian veterinarian performs a health examination within the allotted period of time (72 hours) and discovers a drag too costly to cure, or a drag that can't be cured, we'll replace the bird with one among an equivalent kind or value, or buy the bird back For that you simply must relinquish the bird back to me with a letter from the vet explaining the character of the illness. This letter must get on the vet’s official letter pad with vet rubber stamp seal. The bird are going to be replaced or a refund of the complete price are going to be made.
In the event that the bird dies within 72-hours of purchase, you want to immediately refrigerate (not freeze) the bird’s body during a sealed bag and deliver the death bird within 12 hours to a professional avian vet for necropsy to work out the explanation for death. If a viral disease or congenital hatch defect is decided to be the explanation for death, the bird are going to be replaced or a refund of the complete price are going to be made. This letter must even be on the vet’s official letter pad with vet rubber stamp seal. Before getting refund the death bird photos and video want to be shown to us including the identification band.
It is understood that african grey parrot price Seller will in no way be liable for any veterinarian medical bills, including charges for a necropsy, or refund of any shipping charges if the bird was originally shipped to you. Buyer also understands that if the leg band is faraway from the bird, the Health Guarantee is null and void. The veterinarian must reference band number with the rationale why the band removed, when explaining any disease or explanation for death.
For more details please visit our website:  https://www.blissafricangreyparrots.com/
articale creation
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