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The Million-Dollar Question. What is Solar Energy and Does it Work?

The Million-Dollar Question. What is Solar Energy and Does it Work?

We can all remember growing up in Elementary school and being shown a visual model of our solar system. In the middle of the model was our Sun. The Sun is the most integral part of our solar system and gives off many resources that we have been utilizing for many centuries. Without our Sun we would not be here today. From the early sunrises to the late sunsets the world seems to take for granted the continuous cycles that this beautiful sphere of plasma generates for our world. Our Sun is the most important source of energy for life on Earth.

For decades we have needed resources to create the most valuable energy on Earth today, electricity. We have been successful in utilizing the resources to produce electricity, but it has been on a macro-scale and not so clean. These resources are mainly natural gas, coal, nuclear and many others that are not good for the environment. In the United States today it is the Utilities who dictate the amount, what kind is generated and lastly let us not forget about the rate they charge the end consumer.

Until just recently, there has been a technology that was created many decades ago called photovoltaic energy more commonly known as solar energy or solar panels. This phenomenon works by the solar cells absorbing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity. I am sure you have all heard of the band AC / DC. These are acronyms for the two different types of electricity that is produced around the world today.

AC is alternate current. This is the electricity that is used for your home and the Utilities grid. When you look at the powerlines above the is the type of electricity that is flowing through the lines. DC is Direct Current. This electricity is what energy storage or batteries use. Now if you think about it not many years ago you would have to plug a device into a cigarette outlet, called an inverter, to be able to plug your phone to charge or whatever electronic appliance that only accepts alternate current. This is called an inverter. This is the same with a solar energy system. You have the panels that create DC electricity, but we need to convert it into AC electricity so you can use it for your personal residence or commercial property. This is a major component between the panels and the inverter. The last component is the racking and mounting system. Every system is different depending on the roof structure that you have.

The conception of solar energy has been well over a century ago. We have not until recently just started to install this type of technology on residential rooftops giving the power back to the home owners and out of the Utilities hands. It is a hard-fought battle, but the rewards are endless.

Now I want you to understand how net metering works. This is how the Utility bills are generated depending on how much energy your local Utility receives from your solar system. You produce solar energy in the daytime when the sun is out, even if it is raining you will still produce electricity. Keep in mind any electronic appliance that is currently on such as light bulbs, air conditioning, pool pumps, etc.…you absorb the electricity from the solar system first. The excess that is being produced at that exact given moment will go to the Utility and they will credit your bill. With a typical homeowner the average single-family dwelling uses approximate 50% of their solar annually and send the Utility the other 50% which would be a bill credit. This credit typically keeps rolling over and gets bigger as the sunlight days get longer. The way is solar system is sized is we can see the amount of kWhs you use annually and design a solar system that will produce that much electricity with a production guarantee. Therefore, leaving you a net-zero bill. Some Utilities will still charge you a service charge which is used to maintain the grid. This is true on the bill you receive today whether you have solar or not you still will be paying it unless your solar credit produces more depending on the Utility will actually see a bill that says nothing is due at this time! You must think about it, how much of your hard-earned money has gone out the windows and to the Utility. Believe me the number is in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands depending.

There are two ways to get solar installed on your residence. The first would be a lease or PPA. A lot of your big box brand companies such as Sun Run, Vivint or even Tesla Energy push this model heavy. Keep in mind these are publicly traded companies and the shareholders come first not the homeowner. The problem with signing up with a lease or PPA you are stuck paying these companies their money for what the solar produces for a contract that can last up to 25-years. There is also typically an escalator every year meaning the price will go up anywhere from 2.5-2.9% annually. There is no getting out of it and it will make your home harder to sell. The incentives and tax credits are taken by these companies since they own the asset and all you are doing is transferring to a new Utility company. Instead of paying ABC Power Company, you are paying the PPA company. This adds to their assets for their companies’ books and make it more appealing for a shareholder not a homeowner. This is what we see in markets that are brand new and not many people know the difference. They think this is the only way and they sign on the dotted line. If I could only tell you how many times a homeowner would has called me personally and tried to get out of their lease or PPA I would be doing that full-time and most likely not having to work another day in my life.

The second way is to purchase the system outright. Within recent years there are a lot of solar loans that are a fixed rate way under your average electric bill giving you that instant savings. That is not even including the increased value that the new owned system will bring you, which in most states is tax exempt from solar energy. You will also be able to take advantage of the incentives and rebates such as the 26% Federal Tax Credit, yes folks the Federal Government is willing to pick up 26% of the total cost of your solar system. You must have tax liability to be able to take advantage. Who does not pay taxes? It is also a roll over credit (not deduction) dollar for dollar. Some states even give you thousands of dollars to put an owned solar system, check with your local state and utility to see what kind of incentives are available.

There is also one major component that most do not realize they would possibly need. These are called batteries. With so many more electric cars being produced daily the cost of lithium-ion battery technology has dropped exponentially making it more affordable for the average person. A large misconception is that if you have solar, even without a battery and the Utilities Power Grid goes out your solar will still work. This is not true. You would need an energy storage system coupled with your solar energy system to take advantage. As we mentioned earlier the average homeowner sends back around 50% of their excess solar energy. Now keep in mind a lot of the Utility companies within recent years have started to not pay back a 1:1 value of what you send back meaning you would need a larger system than what you use. The other option is putting the excess energy into your batteries instead of the grid and making sure you still get the 1:1 option as well as a power failure still have your solar running in the daytime and the battery covering your nighttime loads. You can say by to the Utilities at this point. Multiple Utility companies are also offering thousands of dollars in incentive money that is literally a check made out to you, the homeowner, just for installing a battery.

As technology advances, we are advancing into the electric revolution. With legislation striking down on how much renewable energy needs to be installed state by state we are moving into the right direction. Solar Energy is now in all 50 States as it used to be only feasible in the sunbelt. Solar Energy is a no brainer and the sooner it is done the less money you will be throwing out your windows literally to the Utility.

You will also have energy independence and increase your homes value. With the electric vehicle movement happening as I type you will be able to hedge your fuel cost.

Photovoltaic cells absorb the sun’s energy and converts it into DC electricity. There are two types of electricity AC and DC. Alternate Current and Direct Current. Direct Current is what your car batteries use and Alternate Current is what is needed for your house.

The central part of our solar system. It gives life and energy all throughout the world today. Universal Solar Direct is the best investment you can make for your house and the environment.

There are two different types of agreements that you can make; leasing or buying your solar panels Arizona. A solar lease does not add any equity to your home and makes it more difficult to sell in the future because the new buyer would have to transfer the lease agreement.

When you live in the desert you are in an ideal location to use the power of the sun and put money in your pocket. Energy from the solar is clean and renewable. It is free and readily available nearly 365 days per year. Even when it is cloudy, your solar system can still generate electricity from your home’s solar panels.

When the time comes to sell your home, solar power increases the value and decreases the time it spends on the market. Think about it – if you sell your home, the new homeowner will be purchasing a home with solar panels Las Vegas and little or no electric bill – saving them the thousands of dollars a year that would be going to the utility company!

Facilitating deployment of SmartGrid technology will benefit PV solar system owners because it will provide feedback to the owner and the utility company. You can be 100% independent from the electric company by install the off-grid battery to store the energy accumulated throughout the year.

Being self-reliant by producing your own electricity makes you less dependent on utility companies. It also reduces the amount of energy needed from fossil fuel burning power plants. Utilities are necessary to maintain the grid but self-reliance is beneficial for everyone. Energy prices will continue to increase but energy from the sun will always be free, unless they can figure out how to tax the sun.

Energy production and consumption is the single largest source of CO2 emissions in the US, which have been linked to climate change. By individually reducing our dependence on fossil fuels we not only save money, but also enhance our economic and environmental security. Using less fossil fuels reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and enhances our national energy independence. As you can see, solar systems are a win-win for everyone. We specialize in connecting you with the maximum tax credits available.

Universal Solar Direct is a Residential and Commercial Solar Power Las Vegas company that services all of Clark County with the information, sales, distribution and installation of efficient solar array systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. We understand that it may be overwhelming when deciding to make the investment of owning your very own solar system. For that very reason we have state certified professionals file all paperwork from engineering, permits, H.O.A. submissions and even any Government incentive programs in which you may be eligible. From your first in-home consultation, to the NV Energy grid tie in, we make sure you not only understand the whole procedure but are informed with the proper information to make the process as painless as possible. We carry a Nevada State Certified C-2 Electrical Contracting License giving you the peace of mind that you will receive a high-quality install done correctly the first time.

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