Significance of Maternal Lineage DNA Test in India

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Method of Maternal Lineage DNA Testing

The common applications of a Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test include:

  • Genealogical Studies
  • Medical Researches for Genetic Predisposition to certain diseases
  • In Drug development studies on certain populations
  • Tracing down the missing mother who gave up her child in an adoption

A child always inherits half of its DNA from the father and the other half from the mother, making genetic relatioThe DNA holds a vast set of genetic information that serves as the basis of various genetic tests for a number of applications. A Maternal Lineage DNA Test is a type of ancestry test that traces back the origin of your maternal side of ancestors. People often use these tests out of curiosity. A Maternal Lineage DNA Test or simply, ‘Maternal Ancestry Test’ can have many different applications as listed below.

Applications of a Maternal Lineage DNA Test

nship identification possible between a child and the biological parents. While a male child inherits the Y chromosome from the father, both male and female children inherit mt DNA from the mother unchanged.

By using mtDNA analysis, the relationship of a child with the biological mother can be established. Similarly, for a Maternal Lineage DNA Test, the mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) is traced back to the mitochondrial haplogroup (mtDNA haplogroup).

The mitochondrion is an important cell organelle (microscopic cell organ). Human mitochondrial DNA is 16,569 base pairs long, which is much shorter than the human genome DNA. The latter is approximately 3 billion base pairs long. Therefore, a Maternal Lineage DNA Test using the mtDNA analysis helps trace the maternal side of ancestors.

Buccal Swabs are used to collect DNA from the cheek cells, which are then analyzed using specialized techniques.

The first step in mtDNA analysis for maternal lineage is to isolate the DNA from the epithelial cells collected on the buccal swabs, followed by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), and finally sequencing. Following this step HVR1, HVR2 coding regions are analyzed and matched against the existing database to give the mtDNA haplogroup data.

Maternal Lineage DNA Test in India

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