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Top 20 Startup Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2021

Top 20 Startup Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2021
Learning any new thing needs training and guidance. The thought of starting up a company all by yourself can be daunting, but not with the help of the required tools. These tools allow you to be much more productive and guide you throughout your journey. Consider learning to ride a bicycle; when you want to learn to ride a bicycle, you need the practice and supervision to support you on your way to be a successful rider. It's the same with business.
The first bump you will encounter on your journey of entrepreneurship will be the startup phase. Once you pass this bump, you will be on a smooth ride.  At the start, everyone needs guidance. No matter how much a person already knows, practical work brings their problems.
Whether you are planning to launch a business or working on growing one, you probably recognize the importance and value of tools. You will need to invest in tools that can help you optimize, automate and improve every working part of your business. There are tons of tools out there, but the problem starts when you can't select the best ones. You do not know which ones to choose. To help you grow your business and reach your goals here are the top 20 startup tools you can try in 2021.

1. Kiss Metrics

Kissmetrics gives you a complete view of the journey of the buyer and customer behavior. Use the data to create personalized website experiences and reach your leads with more compelling content.

2. Squad Help

Squad Help helps you in finding a perfect name for your business. Their services are not just limited to business names. Instead, it also assists in getting the perfect name for your app, book, product or service, etc.

3. Clarity

Whether you are a fresh entrepreneur or an experienced businessman, every entrepreneur requires actionable advice during their entrepreneurial journey. Clarity makes sure that ambitious entrepreneurs collect valuable pieces of advice from industry experts.

4. Sumo

In case you are looking for a free tool for capturing email addresses and collecting lead information, Sumo is the one. Take your pick from over a number of different welcome mats, popups that are triggered, innovative bars, and more. It offers a paid version too, but the freemium is enough for most startups.

5. Answerthepublic

Digital ads are a waste of time and money. The best tool startups have for reaching targeted audiences is content marketing; it also helps in building brand awareness. AnswerThePublic can assist you in churning out hundreds of content ideas.

6. Close

Close is a contact relationship management system built particularly for sales times. Automate where appropriate and boost team communication.

7. Yesware

When you start a business you must have a keen knowledge about your customers. An intuitive sales platform, Yesware is used for streamlining email campaigns and uncovering more about your subscribers. You can use it to reduce busywork and get more done.

8. Modus

Another great platform is Modus. Use Modus to onboard and train sales reps with relevant content, product information, presentations, and buyer data. Sales reps can optimize and boost your effort in every interaction. It is going to make it all easy for you.

9. Germ.io

This tool for startups assists you in better managing your business concepts and ideas. Germ.io encourages you to evolve your business idea by providing the next steps. It lets you generate actionable strategies by assisting you with your how's, what's and why's. Consequently, you will be able to shape up your business idea with ease.
With this resource, you will never be able to lose the big picture of your startup idea. Be sure that you can validate your concepts and share your vision by displaying your big picture.

10. Eqvista

Another essential tool that can help you in the management of equity is Eqvista. It is an equity management software that enables companies, investors, and company shareholders to track, manage, and make intelligent decisions about their companies' equity. It allows the seed-stage and pre-IPO companies to manage equity electronically to apprehend all shareholder's activities. With the help of this tool, you can Incorporate your company and manage your equity all in one place without all the extra work. Take advantage of the Eqvista platform to issue stocks and stay connected with your shareholders.

11. Maptive

Data analysis tools are as essential for a company as other tools. Maptive is an automatic tool for building custom maps for both internal and external communications. You can use Maptive to track public behavior by location and much more.

12. Groove

Groove is also a data analysis tool. It is an all-in-one engagement tool to cooperate from a shared inbox, automate customer interactions where possible, produce reports, and more.

13. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the ideal launch platform for startups. The platform showcases impressive new products every day. In addition, it's an excellent platform for product-loving enthusiasts. The reason why is because they can share and discuss all the products, websites, mobile apps, and other creations.
It can help you in launching your product or your startup successfully. The website produces a system for user comments and a voting system like Reddit. With its pre-existing community of testers who are willing to try out new products, launching your startup had never been easier.

14. Beta List

This is a pre-launch system that benefits your startup to gain the traction it requires for a successful launch. The best benefit of this platform is that you can put your startup idea in front of a fantastic community of savvy business enthusiasts and garner valuable feedback from them.
Beta List has helped over 3,000 startup founders better learn their clients with the help of qualitative and quantitative research to make sure that they are creating the right product for their right audience.

15. Google Analytics

When it comes to the list of most powerful tools that can help a startup, How can Google Analytics stay behind! It is one of the most potential and practical tools available in the market. This classic yet powerful tool is used for analyzing your website traffic and integrating it with other devices.

16. Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the best tools for startups because it helps you create an excellent digital experience (DX) across each platform. This is especially important with Google's Core Web Vitals update set to prioritize websites based on DX.

17. Twilio

Twilio is streamlined communication across multiple channels. With this you can streamline on various channels like Facebook Messenger, website chats, and email. Startups can even apply for credits.

18. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a lesser-known Google product for producing interactive visualizations with minimal data analysis experience.

19. Mail chimp

Email marketing is a time-tested strategy that has done wonders for many startups. However, to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need an email marketing tool for your startup that is nothing but exemplary. This is where MailChimp comes in – a tool for startups that requires no introduction.

20. CallHippo

It is a great tool for startups and mid size businesses. A compelling Voice-over-Internet-Protocol(VoIP) service provider, CallHippo is a market leader in producing business phone numbers.  CallHippo has a wide array of innovative features that enhance sales capabilities and agent performance. It empowers managers to monitor calls, track key performance indicators, and provide real-time feedback to increase bottom-line results. With third-party integrations, a user-friendly interface, and high-level customization.
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