Can I Withdraw Cash From A Bitcoin Machine Near Me?

Vaibhav Pal

Bitcoin ATM is a secure and convenient way to execute crypto transactions. You can quickly buy and sell your Bitcoins by accessing a physical resource by searching for Bitcoin ATMs near me on your smartphone.

Finding the two-way Crypto ATM 

Some Bitcoin machines enable two-way operations. A two-way Crypto ATM allows you to exchange your currency for a Bitcoin. You can also use this BTC ATM to get cash for your Bitcoin. It means all Bitcoin ATMs do not have the facility to withdraw cash.

However, some Bitcoin ATM operators provide two-way ATMs to help users withdraw cash by exchanging Cryptos or buy Cryptos in exchange for a fiat currency. Check the location of the two-way ATM to avoid any confusion by accessing the Locations Page of your BTC ATM resource.

Locating the right resource of a Crypto ATM is the first and significant step if you want to withdraw cash. You can use special tools that provide practical knowledge about locations and helpful features of Bitcoin ATMs.

These tools help you find the ATMs that offer two-way operations besides the directions from your existing location. Choose a Bitcoin ATM that provides a broad spectrum of compatibility with major Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, ETHEREUM, and Litecoin.

Withdrawing cash for Cryptos 

Use the following steps to convert your Bitcoin or any other popular Cryptocurrency into cash. Have a registered account with the service provider of your choice when using a Bitcoin ATM for cash withdrawal. Choose the right resource that allows user-friendly access to all ATM functionalities.

You can create your account only by using your mobile phone. Use the Crypto ATM finder to locate the two-way ATM that facilitates cash withdrawal for your Bitcoins. Keep your Wallet Address that has the database of all Bitcoin transactions to date.

You will find the Withdraw Cash button on the BTC ATM if the machine has the facility to allow cash withdrawal. Enter your mobile number after the system prompts you once you press the Withdraw Cash button. Now you will receive a prompt that asks you to continue. Press the relevant button to get a code for verification of the transaction.

The machine will now ask you to enter a secret code. The passcode is any four-digit number for accessing the transaction. You can now select the type of Cryptocurrency that you need to exchange to get cash. Once you have entered the name of a Cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin, the machine will request you to enter the amount you need to withdraw.

Knowing the exact amount of Cryptos for exchange 

The machine will display the amount of Cryptos you need to exchange for getting the cash. For example, if you want to withdraw $400, the ATM may ask you to send 0.00208 Bitcoin. Remember, the machine will also display the duration of the request as seconds since the Crypto market is highly volatile.

Now open the BTC ATM wallet app for the coin you have selected in the earlier step to send the coins as displayed by the machine. Select the Send option and scan the QR code. Do not forget to check twice because you need to send the precise number of coins as per instruction. You can instantly collect the cash if the amount is small.

Vaibhav Pal
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