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How to Prepare Your House for Summer?


With the arrival of spring, many things always appear in a country house, both primary and secondary. In the turmoil of spring troubles, it is essential not to forget to prepare for the arrival of summer fully.

Spring flies by very quickly, especially in May, so many owners of country houses and summer cottages are in a hurry to prepare a personal plot and home. Find out what essential things to include on your to-do list.

Inspection of the roof and facade

If leaks appear on the ceiling and walls, there is damage to the roof, and they need to be repaired quickly. It is necessary to inspect the attic, especially in areas where mold and dampness have accumulated. They may indicate small cracks through which moisture seeps. The roof should be examined from the outside, and perhaps the paint has deteriorated somewhere, rust has appeared.

Next in line is the facade. Over the winter, he could suffer and collapse in places. If minor damages are found, they can be repaired without assistance. If the damage is significant, it is necessary to call home inspection services in Windsor, Connecticut, to inspect your roof's condition thoroughly.

Inspect your HVAC

Before you blast your air conditioning, give your HVAC system a complete checkup with the help of a home inspection south in Windsor, CT.

Replace the air filters in your furnace so the system works effectively. Clear away leaves and debris from the condensing unit outside, making it malfunction. You must follow the user's manual directions to learn how to clean the outdoor unit properly.

There are various techniques, so it's essential to know the recommendations for your particular unit. Don't forget to disconnect the power before you start cleaning, and be careful not to bend the cooling fins.

Drying the cellar

Most summer cottages and country houses have a cellar for storing various products. Spring is the time to dry and ventilate the cellar. To do this, you should open the door or hatch that leads to the cellar and not close it for several days. But these days must be sunny and dry.

To waste time while the cellar is ventilated, you can put things in order - check the shelves and drawers. Remove all unnecessary ones from them, wipe with a damp cloth, and sort out the things on the floor.

After the basement is well ventilated and dry, it is necessary to apply an antiseptic to the walls. There is a vast selection of agents on the market against the formation of mold and mildew, which often "live" in wet cellars. Such a tool is harmless to people, and it can be applied to external and internal surfaces.

Preparing your home for the summer can seem like a tedious and probably unnecessary task. But financial savings through prevention should overshadow any annoyance. Properly insulated windows, a well-functioning HVAC system, and well-maintained plumbing can significantly reduce utility costs during the hot (and cold) months.


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