6 Content Marketing Mistakes You're Making in 2021

Kinga Edwards

Content marketing is a powerful means of engaging an audience, driving traffic to your website and generating revenue. It's also a strategy that can be easy to implement incorrectly, leading to less-than-successful results. In this short post, we will discuss some common content marketing mistakes you may be making in 2021, and how you can avoid them!

#1 Lack of content marketing research

A good content marketing strategy should start with thorough research of your audience and the market that you are targeting. That means asking questions like:

- Who do we want to reach?

- What is their pain point or concern they need help solving?

- What kind of information, products or services will be relevant for them in this area of interest?

- How can we create content that would satisfy these needs and address their concerns?

If you don't have an answer to any one of those questions it's impossible to know what type of content would work best for your target audience. You won't even know which digital channels to use when promoting said content! Do your homework first so you're not wasting your time and effort.

#2 Putting content Quantity over Quality

If you want to make an impact with your content marketing, then it only makes sense that the quality of said content would be imperative. But this doesn't mean you can't create a lot of content - just that there need to be high production values and attention paid for each piece in order for them all to look good together.

As long as everything is satisfactory on its own merits, quantity should not matter if your goal is simply traffic volume and lead generation. Quality will always go further than sheer numbers alone though!

It's also important to consider how much time any one task requires so that nothing gets neglected or overlooked due to lack of focus. For example: If you need five pieces of content per week but writing a single blog post takes you five hours, then it could be wise to focus on one or two articles per week and spend the rest of your time researching other topics.

#3 Lack of understanding your audience

This is a big one! If you can't pinpoint the specific needs of your target audience, it's going to be next to impossible for your content marketing strategy to succeed.

So how do you go about this? You need to know what type of information they're interested in as well as their pain points or questions that need answers. The more knowledge and insight you have on who they are, the better chance of success!

If there's any question left unanswered after doing some initial research, try surveying current customers/clients or even just asking them directly via social media channels like Twitter and Facebook Groups. Make sure that every piece of content includes something useful for people in its category: an article, blog post, video etc.

#4 Not using content distribution channels at all

By not distributing content across digital channels, you're missing out on new opportunities to grow your reach and get more visibility.

The best approach is a multi-channel one that incorporates social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc), PPC marketing campaigns through Google Adwords or Bing Ads as well as various other SEO techniques such as guest blogging and link building.

There are many ways of getting the word out about your business when it comes to marketing online - so don't limit yourself by only using email!

If all else fails after following these tips for creating high quality content with targeted topics in mind while still having time left over...start reading up on keywords related to what you want people searching for when they come across your website organically.

#5 Lack of overall content marketing strategy

When planning out your content marketing strategy, make sure you are doing it with a goal in mind. What is the purpose of having this type of campaign?

Is it to generate leads and drive sales? Is it to build awareness for an upcoming event or product launch? Or maybe there's some sort of industry-related news that needs publicizing (e.g., new legislation changes). The answer will dictate which types of content should be created and what other steps need to be taken along the way.

If every piece falls into its own category then all bases will be covered - but if just one element is missing the rest might not serve their intended purposes as well! You may want to consider hiring someone from outside your company who specializes in this area to take the reins and implement a headless CMS.

In conclusion: Don't be fooled by a quick-fix approach that doesn't account for your target audience and what they need! Quality over quantity is always better when it comes down to content marketing strategies - so make sure you have one in place before starting production or else all your efforts may go astray.

#6 Putting SEO above the value and attractiveness of your content

It's easy to only focus on SEO when creating content - but what about value? The more valuable your content is, the higher its chances of ranking well for a certain keyword in search engine results.

So take this into consideration before you start writing: Is it going to be something that could potentially help the people who read it or not? What are you trying to communicate with this piece of content and how can make readers want to click through, subscribe or purchase after reading it?

SEO aspects in content are very important, but remember that first of all your content has to be valuable and actionable.

Content that is not optimized for search engines will have a hard time ranking on Google’s SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). This means you might need to invest more time into optimizing the keyword phrases used in your article or blog post so they are targeted towards what people are searching for online at this moment. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process of creating new content while also updating previous posts with keywords that help them rank higher on SERPs - but remember it always comes down to the quality of your original idea!

Over to you

Are you making any of these mistakes? Content marketing can seem like an easy task, but if not done correctly it will lead to failure.

There are many more mistakes businesses make with their content marketing strategy - these are just some common examples! Be sure not to commit them yourself in order for yours is successful as possible.





Kinga Edwards
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