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Benefits of UPVC Windows and Doors for your Home

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Benefits of UPVC Windows and Doors for your Home

UPVC is also known as Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride and  is one of the standard materials one could use in doors and windows. It has many advantages compared to other products. In this blog let's look upon the major benefits of UPVC windows Kerala and doors while being used at your home.

Protection from Fire

It helps in the external fire spread when being used in doors and windows. This is essential for buildings in the case of protection from any type of fire incident.

Sound Proof

UPVC material works in parallel with the window panels that help in decreasing the noise amount which passes to the home. About 50% of external noises could be minimized entering the house.

Weather Resistant

Weathering is one of the problems faced by the materials used on the exterior of the property. UPVC materials do not show any reaction with air and water and are not prone to natural elements. Thus, a longer life span is a guarantee. While using UPVC, less maintenance is only required, and through proper UPVC installations, better weather-resistant power is achieved.


The average lifespan of any UPVC windows and doors is 40-80 years and they are made using the most available recycling materials from the environment. So, while replacing the old UPVC doors and windows, ask the installer whether there is an option for recycling these materials and it is useful for pipes, fittings, plumbing, etc.

Proper Ventilation

UPVC systems come with better ventilation thereby allowing proper airflow through them. One of the effective forms of window configuration is known as tilt and turn that open up in two separate directions thereby providing proper ventilation. When being in the tilted form, hot air will escape from the side and top openings thus opening the windows fully and allow better ventilation.


The security of any home is related to proper window and door installation. UPVC comes up with an ultra-light frame with better locking combinations and a double gazed panel of glass thus not allowing the intruder to come in.

Low Maintenance

UPVC is a low-maintenance material.  Windows and doors last with these materials for a long time. Only cleaning with soapy water is required to remove any form of dirt.


UPVC materials are tough and are the elements that are not affected by corrosion or rot. Through the coating in UPVC doors Kerala better protection from ultraviolet rays could be achieved and prevent the UPVC material from any form of fading at prolonged sun exposure.

George Projects
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