Statement jewelry handmade in Bali

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Statement jewelry handmade in Bali - We are specialized in handmade in Bali Statement jewelryi. Kasha reflects independent and empowered women that enjoy unique and sophisticated jewelry.

Please visit here:- https://www.kashabali.com

A magical collection that came as a tribute to the Berbers.
As a logical continuation to "All Eyes On Me" the idea of "Khamsa" came naturally.
After being protected by the "eyes"

You have now the right hand protection.
Kasha always draw it's inspiration from tribal culture and symbols.
Our designer Moroccan origin make this collection even more special as it's a personal homage to her roots and ancestral history.

Not only it's Kasha’s fifth collection but we also celebrate this year our fifth anniversary with the "5 fingers right hand".
This year 2021 is also under the number 5, so it all made sense and this is exactly the kind of synchronicities that speaks to us, the kind of vibe we try to communicate through our creations.
Kasha jewelry is that one piece that holds enough meaning, history and energy as any ancestral piece you would acquire.

Five on you!

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merle shay
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