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Agnihotra Kit

In this technically surrounded world, Cowkart's Cow Dung Mobile Anti Radiation Chip takes care of the harmful Radiations emitted from electronic gadgets that includes computers, laptops, televisions, mobile phones etc. 

Working of Anti Radiation Chip


With our anti radiation chip you can overcome the harmful radiation more than 90%. So that there will be no biological damage to the human body. The Anti Radiation Chip does absorb and reduce the  radiation intensity from electronic gadgets more than 90%, and therefore it improves the signal quality or functioning of any electronic gadget.


The major benefit is that Cowkart's anti-radiation chip does not absorb, defect or reduce the intensity of the radiation, and therefore the signal quality is not compromised.


Application of Mobile Anti Radiation Chip


It is recommended to use Cowkart's anti radiation chip on the backside of any smartphone or mobile phone device (either it can be android or IOS) body to protect yourself against Harmful Radiation.

Impact of Radiation on our Life Style


Exposure to radiation has many disastrous effects on the human body. Mainly impacts the quantity and the quality of sleep that results in poor memory, focus and inefficiency in performing daily tasks. It has a direct impact on health and wellbeing as well.


On the other hand, constant exposure from multiple sources of radiation can cause higher stress levels and lowered immunity. Several studies even claimed change in EEG after prolonged repeated exposure to radiofrequency radiation. 


Adverse effects of radiation on children health 


Little yet pervasive changes to cellular and genetic processes in the early stage of the life can have developmental effects, mainly for children, whose brains are rapidly developing and whose tissues absorb relatively larger amounts of radiation than adults. It is also proven that the rise in behavioral disorders in  children are mainly due to fetal cellular telephone irradiation exposure. So to overcome all these fatal experiences, it is very vital to consider an alternative. And here come the Cowkart's Cow dung mobile anti radiation chip. The main advantage of this chip is that it protects your family health and at the same time will not make you compromise on signal strength. 


Connect with the Safe Environment


Cowkart's Cow dung mobile anti radiation chip is our crown jewel and can be yours too. This chip is very easy to apply across your different types of mobile and it is clinically tested. It is also certified with proven health benefits. Tip of all, our chip protects you from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. It helps to reduce stress and boosts your immunity so that you can use your mobile devices safely.

To Wrap up..


There would be no day, infact, no hour in our life without a mobile. But it's radiation is the major thing that makes our future horrible. So to have a difference, it's safe to get the simple cow dung mobile anti radiation chip. Our chip provides 24x7 protection on the go and ensures peace of mind so that we can use mobile devices, care-free. Top of all, it does not hamper signal strength and quality.

Agnihotra Kit
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