Why Checking PNR Status and PNR Prediction is Important?

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Is your train ticket waitlisted? Do you want to know if it will be confirmed or not? Then checking PNR Status will assist you in determining this.

For passengers travelling by Indian Railways train, PNR Status and PNR Prediction is a very important term. It helps in knowing about the confirmation of your train ticket. So let us know the importance of checking PNR status and PNR Prediction to make your train ride hassle-free.

Importance of checking PNR status

If we know the fixed date of travel in advance, we book our railway ticket early and get the confirmed tickets. But if you plan to travel at the last minute, you will face anxiety to get a confirmed ticket, and you may obtain a RAC or a WL ticket as the chances of getting a confirmed ticket is very less. And here, checking the PNR status is essential that helps you know the ticket's current status, whether your waitlisted ticket is confirmed or unconfirmed.

Passengers with confirmed tickets can also check PNR status to know their seat number and coach number. Your ticket could remain unconfirmed after chart preparation. In this case, it will help you to arrange an alternative option for transport. You can acquire complete information about a passenger's ticketing details by checking the PNR status.

Your RAC and Waitlist tickets may often get confirmed if passengers who have booked tickets earlier for the same journey cancel their tickets. This can be checked using the PNR number. PNR number is also important in knowing if the chart is prepared or not.

How does PNR help to avail various Indian Railways services?

There are many factors to keep in mind when booking train tickets, but the PNR number is probably the most significant. It is needed by the passenger all the time, from knowing confirmation of your ticket to placing an online food order on the train.

The PNR number is used to retrieve complete and updated information about the booked ticket. It stores basic details of the passenger, including name, age, date of birth, gender and travel information such as date of journey, train name, train number, coach, seat number, source and destination station, booking status, current status, charting status, berth preference, class of travel, boarding point and total fare.

RailMitra app is the best way to check all the train information and avail various services using the PNR status feature. It is an umbrella app that provides various services like train fare enquiry, train schedule, train live status, etc. You can also conveniently use this app for PNR prediction to know the chances of your confirmation in very little time.

PNR Status Prediction


The PNR prediction enables you to estimate the probability of the confirmation of a ticket. Data analytics and machine learning approaches are used to compute predictions based on prior booking and cancellation statistics, station quotas, days of the week, seasonality, holidays, and other factors.

Generally, during peak seasons such as Durga Puja (Dussehra), Diwali, Chhath, Holi, and others, waiting list PNR status has extremely minimum possibilities of being confirmed. This happens due to the tremendous number of travellers returning to their hometowns, and the chances of cancelling the ticket are very less.

RailMitra is the best platform for PNR Status Prediction, which is 99% accurate because it’s driven by data analysis, and prediction is calculated using machine learning techniques.

How can Passengers check PNR status?

Using RailMitra's check PNR Status functionality, you can inquire about your ticket's current status and know the probability of getting your PNR status confirmed. If your PNR status has low confirmation chances, it is advisable to search for alternate modes of transportation. You can download the RailMita App or use a website to know your PNR status at your fingertips in the following ways:

  1. Open RailMita app or go to RailMita website
  2. Click on the check PNR status option
  3. Enter your ten-digit number and click on get status.

Your ticket's current status will be shown instantly. This will give you all of the information required, like the ticket's current status, seat number, and coach number. Due to last-minute cancellations or reservations, the status of seat availability is constantly changing. With each cancellation, this number moves ahead and gets closer to the RAC status. So before travelling, you should check your PNR status and make your journey easy.

How RailMitra calculates accurate PNR status confirmation possibility?

RailMitra uses AI-based data analytics and machine learning techniques to estimate PNR status based on various criteria such as prior booking and cancellation data, railway quotas, days of the week, holidays, rush seasons and so on. However, during festivals and occasions such as Durga puja, Holi, Diwali and Chhath, your waiting list PNR status has a minimal likelihood of being confirmed. This is due to the high number of commuters travelling by train.

You can use the RailMitra PNR Status Checker App to get the fast, accurate and updated current PNR status of the ticket. Apart from that, you can also know the chances of getting your PNR status confirmed. Thus, you may organise your journey more efficiently.

Now you know the importance of PNR status and confirmation probability in making your train journey relaxed and easy. Checking PNR status with RailMitra gives the clarity of the train ticket status at the last minute until the chart preparation. So, the next time you book a railway ticket, make sure to pay close attention to the PNR and how to use it.

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