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Aug 20, 2021 11:01

E-commerce has gained massive recognition, and with every passing day, people are trying to explore more and more in the eCommerce realm. Initially, it took plenty of time to develop online stores and websites. And to make these websites and stores, bug-free required endless efforts. However, with the frequent and widespread use of open-source code, not just developing eCommerce stores has become easier. Instead, platforms selling Prebuilt eCommerce Stores have emerged. This has shifted the whole narrative from developing an online store for oneself to buying a prebuilt eCommerce store. 

We are here to discuss what prebuilt stores are? Which platforms are known best for buying prebuilt eCommerce stores? And most importantly, we will try to delve deeper into identifying if buying a prebuilt eCommerce store worth it?

So, keep scrolling down to make an intelligent decision.

What is a prebuilt eCommerce store?

If you are planning to launch an online business and looking for a developer to develop an eCommerce store or a website for you, then just stop looking any further!

Instead of hiring someone and knocking your brains out on deciding upon the deliverables and bug fixing, one should consider buying a prebuilt eCommerce store. 

A prebuilt eCommerce store is a pre-designed online store that is already optimized for selling instantaneously online. One can find prebuilt stores in almost every category of online business, i.e., general or niche dropshipping stores, etc. 

Prebuilt eCommerce stores are ready to hit the online marketplace saving one from the hassle of starting from scratch. A person can buy a Prebuilt Store in the following simple four steps;

  • Pick a niche 
  • Select the theme for your online store
  • Choose your business name 
  • Hit the buy button, and you are good to go!

Platforms to buy prebuilt eCommerce stores from

Keeping in view the growing trend of buying prebuilt eCommerce stores, numerous websites and online platforms have started selling them. Some platforms deal in selling online stores for a specific forum, such as Shopify. In addition to this, some websites only sell ready-made stores for dropshipping. 

Therefore, it isn't easy to curate a comprehensive list of such platforms selling prebuilt eCommerce stores. However, we recommend that you do thorough research regarding your niche to identify the best-prebuilt eCommerce store. One can start with exploring the following websites;

  • Ecommency.com
  • MyShopifyStores.com
  • MuhammadNouman.Services
  • EcomChef.com

Is it worth buying a prebuilt eCommerce store?

Well, the debate for buying a prebuilt eCommerce store or developing one from scratch has long ended. This is primarily because people have shown confidence in buying prebuilt stores than in developing ones. 

Apart from this, there are numerous advantages of buying a prebuilt eCommerce store.

  • Prebuilt eCommerce stores are pretty affordable when t comes to pricing compared to other options in eCommerce stores.
  • Opting for prebuilt eCommerce stores allow for conveniently kicking start your business online.
  • Many themes in prebuilt stores offer excellent support. This support includes regular updates, easy troubleshooting, and convenient customization features. 

Although, prebuilt stores have a reasonable number of advantages to offer. However, it is mainly dependent on the buyer's choice of the seller. Furthermore, the customer support while buying a prebuilt eCommerce store rests with the seller. Therefore, it may vary significantly from seller to seller. 

Factors to consider while buying a prebuilt eCommerce store

Being aware that different sellers offer varying levels of customer support, it is essential to know which support features can not be compromised while making the purchase.

Easy integration of chatbots

The Prebuilt eCommerce Store must allow for easy integration of chatbots. Chatbots are highly vital for connecting with customers. Therefore, one must wisely choose the chatbot. 

In our observation, one of the best chatbots is Tido. It allows answering customer queries from multiple channels under a single dashboard. Therefore, we recommend folks choose the prebuilt eCommerce store that comes with Tidio automation. It offers plenty of benefits, starting with responding to customer queries, saving abandoned carts, offering discounts, and generating leads. So, with Tidio automation, one can ensure business success. 

Regular updates and Bug fixes

One must be mindful of the eCommerce store provider's policy regarding regular updates and bug fixes. It is not new for websites or online stores to report bugs. Therefore, to avoid any future hassle, one should only opt for the prebuilt eCommerce store that ensures future support.

The bottom line

Buying prebuilt eCommerce stores has now become a norm. However, one must carefully buy prebuilt stores and keep their business needs in view along with the support features offered by the seller. 

Aug 20, 2021 11:01
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