Main types of bets

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Players have dozens of betting options at their disposal, their types depend directly on the sports discipline. For example, by choosing cybersport, it is possible to predict how many opponents the team or athlete will manage to kill, in what time the round will be completed, whether it will be possible to kill the main villain, to complete the mission, etc.

In traditional sports, the most common are the following types of bets:

Single - allows you to determine the outcome of a single event: victory of the first or second team or a draw. The calculation of winnings is made by multiplying the odds and the amount bet. Express - a prediction on the results of at least 2 matches in Live or pre-match, and they must be independent of each other. Winning can be achieved only if all outcomes are specified correctly, even one mistake will lead to a loss. System is one of the most complex bets, in which a combination of expresses is formed.

Experienced bettors prefer to bet the system, choosing events with high odds only. Total - a bettor needs to determine the final score of the match. When making a bet, you can specify the total more or less than a certain number (2.5, 3.5, etc.) - this means that in total the teams must score more or less goals (pucks, goals) than you specified.

There is also an individual total, when a bet is taken on the number of points scored by a particular athlete. A handicap is a way of predicting the number of points in a round or match, taking into account the plus or minus advantage. You need to decide which team to give the advantage to and what kind of advantage it will be (1, 2 goals, etc.).


How to beat the bookie with mathematics?

Winning all the time is unrealistic - this is the main rule that newcomers to the world of sports betting need to remember. BK has a team of analysts who carefully study each match and set the odds in such a way that they always stay in the black. The probability that you will be able to guess the outcome of each match is also small, so you should initially be prepared to lose. On the other hand, there are all chances to win in the long run, and mathematics will help. Thanks to the calculations, players are able to:

  • choose matches with the best conditions, in particular, to calculate the margin;
  • compensate losses on losing bets;
  • avoid knowingly losing bets;
  • find out the advisability of participation in the promotions offered by BC;
  • timely withdrawal of earned assets;
  • intelligently manage the deposit (determine the minimum and maximum bet);
  • implement the chosen strategy, for example, if you use a takeaway, you can calculate the next bet amount taking into account the total amount of lost money, and determine how many bad matches the bankroll will be enough for

The most productive mathematical systems are flat, where you need to bet the same amount of money regardless of the result of previous bets, Kelly criterion and Martingale method, although the latter is associated with significant risks due to the need to constantly double the bet amount. The easiest option is to use equilibrium bets, that is, bets that, in case of a win, will at least cover the bookmaker's margin, and at most, allow you to increase your account by a large amount.

In order to prevent customers from taking big winnings from their deposits, bookmakers https://1xbetcm.com often impose strict limitations on the amount of withdrawals, or impose predatory commissions. Another common practice is to cut betting limits.


How can you win at a bookmaker's office and how realistic is it?

Registering on the website or coming to the betting shop to make a prediction on the outcome of a sporting event, a person becomes an opponent of the BK, and initially on unequal terms. The operator has a whole team of experts at his disposal, while the player has to rely only on his own abilities, intuition and the predictions of his handlers that he can find. This does not mean that it is futile to fight, it is just necessary to take into account the "rules of the game" and adhere to the following recommendations:

  • never try to violate the terms of the user agreement with the BC, otherwise the account will be blocked and your money will be lost;
  • start with simple bets in prematch, gradually moving to Live mode;
  • play according to the system and do not make random bets;
  • focus on winning over a long distance;
  • constantly work with statistics and do not trust dubious predictions;
  • keep track of money spent and not make the same mistakes;
  • take seriously the decision on what to bet - only predictions on matches in the sports in which you understand will be successful
James Aniston
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