Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards - 2021

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Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards-2021


Ever wondered why is it said: “Recognition is the greatest motivator”? Awards recognize the hard work and achievements of an individual. What can be more filling than being recognized for your years of determination and perseverance? Winning an award allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors and ensure that you always stand out from the rest.

Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards is a great initiative by the Kamini Kares Foundation to recognize individuals for his or her achievements. The award aims to commend the illustrious minds that go above and beyond the facets of their respective field of activity to stay up with the ever-changing and dynamic landscape of society today. Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards categorizes outstanding contributions of citizens & inspires a million others to follow their footsteps while making their mark. The goal of DKEA is to recognize the individuals in the field, businesses, companies & organizations who show outstanding performance and excellence in their domain.


This prize is so prestigious and respectful to be nominated bestows credibility to each individual involved. They are deemed to be the best by the simple virtue of their selection in their respective categories.


Various categories for Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards include:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Livelihood
  • Environment


The announcement for Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards ceremony (to be held on a future date) was made on 02nd July 2021 in presence of the media. This award was initiated with the idea of bringing a change to the mindset of the people. Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards is a result of seamless efforts made by the team of Kamini Kares Foundation and Poorvi Productions which includes nomination, thorough research, and categorization of the nominees on the basis of numerous parameters for selection. 

How do you register for Dr. Kamini Rao’s Excellence Awards?


Well, the selection process is very simple. Just log on to www.drkaminiraoexcellenceawards.com and fill the nomination form. You can either self-nominate or nominate deserving individuals in the proposed categories by filling in the required details. The nominations are open now!


The five-step selection procedure includes:

  • Filling in the application
  • Verification of the details filled in
  • Shortlisting the deserving candidates
  • Finalizing the candidates based on votes
  • Presenting the Awards


Don’t wait! If you believe you are extra in the ordinary, go ahead and register yourself for this prestigious award. 




sahana v
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