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10 Countries You Should Visit If You’re A Chocolate Lover

10 Countries You Should Visit If You’re A Chocolate Lover

Well, in these days when we nearly always fall in love at first sight, there is one thing we have always been devoted to with all our heart and soul since we were children.
Chocolate has been and will continue to be everyone's first passion. ‘With nine out of 10 people loving chocolate, the tenth person is always lying,' as the saying goes.

Who doesn't like this one dish that unites the whole world? So, here we are, celebrating World Chocolate Day on July 7th, a day dedicated to this delightful cuisine and one of mankind's biggest temptations.

Where did it all start?

The history of chocolate is very fascinating. It may be traced back to the Mayans, and even farther back to the ancient Olmecs of southern Mexico.

Did you know that chocolate wasn't always a delicious edible treat? It was a respected but bitter beverage for most of history. Chocolate is produced from the fruit of the cocoa tree, which is indigenous to Central and South America. In the homes of the Mayans,

Every meal was accompanied with chocolate. The Aztecs thought cocoa was given to them by their Gods and used it as money to purchase food and other things.

There are many tales regarding how chocolate was brought to Europe, namely Spain. In reality, according to some sources, World Chocolate Day commemorates the introduction of chocolate to Europe in the 1500s.

While the Fry and Sons store in England created and launched the first-ever solid chocolate bar in 1847, Cadbury followed suit in 1849. In 1875, the first milk chocolate was created in Switzerland.

For chocolates, all over the globe!

While most of us travel for pleasure, some of us travel for food, and others even for chocolate.

Chocolate may be found in a variety of forms all over the world, and it's about time we tried at least a few of them. We've compiled a list of the top ten chocolaty places in the globe for that utterly tempting indulgence:

1. The country of Switzerland

Switzerland eats the most chocolate of any nation in the planet. The Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory in Zurich, Switzerland (the centre of chocolate manufacturing), is the primary attraction, including a museum documenting the company's history, an amusing tour, and plenty of free chocolate sampling.

Take a trip on the Swiss Chocolate Train, which starts from Montreaux and stops at Gruyeres, where Gruyere cheese is produced, before arriving in Broc, where you will be given a tour of the Cailler-Nestle plant.

So, make sure that whenever you plan your Switzerland vacation, you include a visit to these places for the chocoholic in you.

2 Mexico

What better location to indulge in chocolate than the site where it was invented? When in Mexico, try Mayan hot chocolate. It will undoubtedly be a beverage memory you will remember for the rest of your life.

Mayan hot chocolate is thick, frothy, bittersweet, and pepper-flavored. The Cocoa Museum and Cocoa Haciendas or farms of Comalcalco in the Mexican state of Tabasco are also not to be missed.

3 Spain.

There is no better way to end a night in Madrid than by visiting one of its many chocolaterias, also known as churrerias, which are usually busy from the early hours of the morning until breakfast time.

Churros — a long waffle-like stick of savoury fried dough eaten dipped in extremely thick bittersweet hot chocolate – are served in these chocolate havens. Doesn't even the description sound delicious? Chocolateria San Gines, founded in 1894, is one of Madrid's most famous churrerias.

4. Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States of America

At Hershey's Chocolate World, you can taste the world-famous Hershey's chocolate, visit the Hershey Story Museum, and even stay at Hotel Hershey, Hersheypark's official resort, which features a chocolate spa, where guests can enjoy a luxurious whipped cocoa bath, get chocolate bean polish, or even order up a chocolate fondue wrap.

5 Italy

Don't miss out on drinking a cioccolatto caldo in Turin, Italy's chocolate capital. Cioccolatto caldo is a kind of hot chocolate that is thick, bitter, and liberally topped with whipped cream.

Bicerin, a stacked hot chocolate and espresso drink, is Turin's trademark beverage. Furthermore, Turin holds an annual chocolate festival in February, which is a must-see for chocolate connoisseurs all over the globe.

So, you decide: can an Italy trip package be complete without a visit to Turin?

6. Vienna, Austria ravel to Vienna for Sachertorte

a chocolate sponge cake lightly coated by hand with apricot jam and then topped in dark chocolate frosting. This extremely delicious velvety delicacy, typically topped with a dab of whipped cream, is served at Vienna's Hotel Sacher. It was named after its 1832 creator.

Sachertorte by Franz Sacher is best served with coffee or champagne. The magnificent beauty of the city's architecture, from the Vienna State Opera to the Imperial Hofburg Palace, is the frosting on the cake.

7. Australia's Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley, located only a couple of hours north of Sydney, is a wine and chocolate lover's paradise. The Hunter Valley Chocolate Company, which specialises in handcrafted artisanal chocolate and fudge, may be found here.

The Twenty-3-Twenty Chocolate and Fudge Factory is the most appealing of the three Instagrammable valley sites, featuring extremely high-quality Belgian chocolate mixed with Australian fruit and nuts, as well as fruit oil infusions.

8 Brussels, Belgium 

Discover for yourself why Brussels is regarded as the "World's Chocolate Capital"! Belgium has the most chocolatiers per square foot of any city in the world.

Don't miss the one-of-a-kind Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate and Chocolaterie Mary (established in 1919), considered the grande dame of Belgian chocolate, situated only a hop, skip, and a jump from the Royal Palace and a favourite of the Belgian Royal Family since 1942.

9 Bournemouth, England 

If you think that simply eating chocolate isn't enough, then something really thrilling awaits the chocolate-lover in you in Bournemouth, England. Stay at the Chocolate Boutique Hotel if all you want to do is eat, breathe, and sleep chocolate.

While the hotel's chocolate-themed suites make it a great place to relax and feel good about yourself, you can also dip fruits into cascading chocolate fountains and participate in chocolate-tasting and even chocolate-making courses. Overall, it's a chocolate lover's paradise!

10 Paris, France

Visit one of the world's gourmet capitals and be surprised by the 300 chocolate shops, which include everything from small little boutiques to renowned chains and award-winning artisan chocolatiers recognised for their creativity and quality.

France is known for its dark chocolate. Every other year, the world's biggest consumer chocolate exhibition, as well as the World Chocolate Master Championships, are held here.

Furthermore, walking tours are an excellent opportunity to get up up and personal with the world of chocolate. So, the next time you're looking for package vacations to France, make chocolate discovery a priority.

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So, although all of these wonderful locations across the globe may be out of reach for a few more days due to the present circumstances, you can always start planning your next travel and chocolate trip. And, while you're at it, grab for the chocolate bar that's been waiting for you in the fridge.


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