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Capital Smart City Islamabad – The Way to Live Smartly

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Capital Smart City Islamabad – The Way to Live Smartly

Capital Smart City Islamabad is the pioneer of model cities in Pakistan. Meanwhile, it is holding the position to be the 23rd Smart City worldwide. The fantastic project has a high attraction for investors. Indeed, it is motivating investors from all over the world. It is a mega project.

It is truly the best investment for Pakistan's progress for investors on national and international markets. The genuine functioning and the future framework seem enough to enhance the functioning and active participation of the performance in this regard. It is vibrant, gaining the attention of investors in real estate.

Here, one may be happy to get accurate and timely information regarding the functioning data, NOC, plans and policies, legal framework. Launch dates and the information chart on account of CSCI.

 is the partnership and merger of Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited & Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. HRL is a well-reputed name in many reputable projects running in Islamabad like DHA and some others. It is in a merger in this perspective.

Additionally, the city plans are also introduced with names like Mega Smart City in Lahore by Lahore Smart City's name.

About Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd

Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited is the name of DHL. The partners are named for the list's tag under Companies Ordinance 1984. In a real sense, they are the professional ones in earning the name in real estate in Pakistan. Real estate development and management companies are majorly active in Pakistan.

The FDHL intends to make flourishing communities in Pakistan. The organization focuses more on the growth of friendly colonies with a high percentage of facilitation and support.

These communities are further enhancing the motivation and working plan for the organization's active working in Pakistan. DHL is planning to improve the infrastructure of already advertised cities. Besides, it is planning to offer more cities in Lahore, Punjab.

About Habib Rafiqe (Pvt.) Ltd

For a decade, approximately, the HRL is earning its name in real estate. The rising projects and their remarkable success are enough to motivate the work plan's tendency for the applications of the city projects in Pakistan. At the same age, HRL is introducing the name of the regard in groomed projects.

In the present time, HRL is standing with a huge tag name and is proud to hold a functional and handsome percentage of human resources plus the working efficiencies. This is increasing their performance rate too.

It is also acknowledged as a proper and working construction company. This is why the stable colonies are resulting from it. The construction and other staff are also personal and reliable. It is a building plan working in continuation.

Designer & Development Partner

Designer consultants are playing a major role in this perspective. They are adding to the performance chart of the company. The high-end consultants are looking forward to improving the budget and action plans. They are acting as the operational plan for partners.  The design consultant team is pretty professional. This is why their promising solutions and timely suggestions are crucial in maintaining the quality chart of the company.

All the international planners and firms are smart in their areas. This is why the progress graph is there. The expertise and active performance skills add to the beauty and growth of the projects under these firms.

·        Surbana Jurong (Pvt.) Ltd

Surbana Jurong (SJ) is the principal planner for Capital City. It is earning a name by adding to the industry's engineering skills in this perspective. SJ is a company from the consultancy of Singapore. It started in June 2015 as an agency in this sector. The combination of Surbana International Consultants and Jurong International Holdings resulted in SJ's development.

·        Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

Mövenpick Hotels & Resort is working on an international level. It is announcing a chain of hotels plus resorts to ensure that the performance chart is going well. It started in 1940. With the support of Swiss and other managements, it is now high.

The project is proud to present 250 hotel rooms and 150 serviced apartments supporting four dining rooms. Further, the hotel chains are pleased to meet the support and management perspective of stability and extravagant promises. It is a mega project.

·Harradine Golf

Harradine Golf is popular among Golf lovers, as indicated by its name. It is starting in 1929 as a project.  It earned the name for the performance and best charts in the areas inspired by Golf. It gave 200 functioning projects in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It got many awards and other function ceremonies proudly for hosting PGA tournaments.

·Freij Entertainment International

Freij Entertainment international started in 1989. It is professional in hosting carnivals, rides, races, circus plays, and many other entertainments and fun functions.  It is also proud to host the Dubai shopping festival too.

Smart Features of Capital Smart City

The brilliant and attractive features of the city are discussed here:

  • Smart Safety
  • Smart Construction
  • Smart Conveyance
  • Smart Supply Management
  • Smart links
  • Smart Conveniences

It is heard that DHA and Capital Smart City will have a merger, but it is just a rumor. There is no fact traced yet. It is not a true point.

Master Plan of CSC

The main plan of the smart city is known as a master plan. It is offering a variety of methods for the users. The popular programs facilitate and supply a high level of luxuries.

It includes:

  • Medium Density (10 Marlas to 2 Kanal)
  • High Density (5 Marla)
  • Farm Houses (4 to 8 Kanals)
  • Shared Lodges
  • Residential Pieces

The capital city is proud to announce a mixed category of residential units and plots. They are working in a wide range of limits. They are:

·        Overseas Block

The overseas block is genuinely working for the safety and security of the overseas Pakistanis plans. It is an ideal place to live. It is letting them feel safer and happy than the other loci.

It meets the residents' desires more than the other residential blocks.

It is close to the motorway. The area is near the support zone of the central Boulevard. This is why it is approachable too.

Executive Block

It is a general book plan. The plan is working from many perspectives. It is helpful to justify the living standards too. The cash is to be paid in installments. This is giving ease to the people. The possession of the granted book will help manage the residential resorts' plans and features.

Location of Executive Block

It is a community of hi-fi people. Here, the Golf club and riverside are available. This is making it extraordinarily entertaining plus luxurious.

Harmony Park

It is the latest category with high entertainment and enjoyment laces in the vicinity. The lots are available in supporting package systems. One may see the better levels as the 3.5 Plot category. It is under the main category.

Location of Harmony Park

The park is linked to the Boulevard. The area is in the support and vicinity of the prominent place so that access will be quicker and more comfortable.

Overseas Prime Block

Overseas Prime Block started on September 23, 2020. The block is located at the height. It is the panoramic outlook of the planned city. The lush hills and the elevated area is the serene outlook. It is fantastic, but no support for overseas here.

Location of Overseas Prime Block

Overseas Prime Block is just near the central city. It is connectable by the support of the road on Chakri Road's spot via Access-1.

General Block

It is indeed the largest block. It is luxurious and supportive. It is helpful as it is near the overseas block. It has nice areas to enjoy and have fun. It is counted as a main block.

Commercial Units

Commercial plots are offered in addition to the residential ones. They have some different criteria. Capital Smart City is seeking a decent and friendly community by mixing the residential plus commercial ones. Capital Smart City is offering some premium limits to maintain the commercial limit's working efficiencies. This is possible by availing of the option. The project seems smart in all regards. It is ideal as most of the features are above expectations.  It is genuinely the first smart city to see the beauty at its best.

Commercial Plot Categories

Commercial Plots are available in the limits like:

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

In the beginning, two levels were offered. i.e., 4 Marla and 8 Marla. Afterward, the 6 Marla category was a plus. On June 24, 2020, the project added the commercial category too. At the moment, one may see the following categories in this notion:

  • 67 Sq Yd
  • 100 Sq Yd

Location of Commercial Plots

The commercial blocks are mixed and available in all types. It is to notify that the Boulevard might be missing it, but the rest of the types hold them. They are in 4 Blocks, namely:

  • General Block
  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block-I
  • Overseas Block-II
  • Harmony Park

The current adding of the commercial plots of 67 Sq Yd and 100 Sq Yd is in the new block, Harmony Park.

The one present on Main Boulevard will be high-rise buildings. It will be offered in the 3rd stage. It is stepwise in this perspective.

Besides, the commercial arena is nearby within 400 meters of detachment from residential space. As said earlier, Capital Smart City Master Plan is based upon Urban Township Model. Thus, the feasible reachability to commercial space is considered essential.

Capital Smart City Location

Capital Smart City is positioned in the upper area of twin cities, Islamabad & Rawalpindi. You can access the Capital Smart City Location just in 5 minutes if driving smoothly from New Islamabad International Airport point. The main area is at the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2, close to a 9.2 km distance from M-2 Toll Plaza point.

The interchange offers you generous support in this regard from the point of Thallian Interchange. It is now named "Smart interchange," so don't be confused anymore.

The BRT is also the process to have a potential connection to the smart city.  Further, the ideal support is offering the managed support of CPEC.

Why Capital Smart City is Smart City?

Capital Smart City Islamabad shows its appearance upon the level of pure Urban-management. It is offering the highest level of robust technology and communication. The balance is showing the empowerment of the real working. The infrastructure and purposeful use of technology is up to the mark.

It is meeting the highest levels of support for the users. This is why it is liked and preferred.  The development has truly an Ecological approach. It is truly working for the promotion of the environment. It is eco-friendly in this regard.

Ideal Elements

Besides, Capital Smart City has the main focus on some particular elements. They are three elements:

  • Smart Housing
  • Smart Budget
  • Smart Atmosphere

They are:

Smart Housing

Capital Smart City Islamabad got the name of smart this is why things are truly smart over here. You might be surprised to see the automatically running systems with a high infusion of tech support.

Smart Budget

It is a modern plus smart area. This is why it is offering some decent ideas to the working. It is ideally helping the job support. It is indeed offering approximately 90,000 job opportunities at the very time. It is working under a slim and smart economy plan. It is working for the progress of the smart city plan on a limited budget.

Smart Atmosphere

The parks and the side gardens help add the greenery promise's support and plan to the setup. It is genuine and functional in maintaining the level of generosity to the eco-lovers.

Here, it is a donation of huge Hydroponic farms with independently working water support system planning.

Final Words:

Investing in capital smart city is a great deal because of the smart features and luxury it offers. Besides the investment point of view, it is an ideal place to live too. In general, it is a hub for commercial, industrious, and living purposes. Its ideal and prime location makes it a super investment for all the people out there.

Lion HDB
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