Public Limited Company Registration Procedure in India

Hemapriya kanakkupillai

A public limited company delights the advantages of limited liabilities for its shareholders and provides all the proper to sell their shares for raising the funds. Any interested investors can fund the shares of a public limited company. The Public limited Company Registration Online appreciates the benefits of constrained liabilities for its individuals and has the right to offer its offers for raising the capital of the company. It can be joined with the least number of three chiefs and has more rigid rules and directions as compared to a Private limited Company Registration. It must have the least number of seven individuals while there's no constrain for the greatest number of individuals. It gives all the benefits of a privately restricted company in conjunction with more straightforwardness and simple transferability of possession and shareholding. Title, offers, arrangement, number of individuals, administration, and chiefs, etc separate any Open restricted company from the private restricted companies.

What is a Public Limited Company?

Public Limited Companies are people who issue fixed deposits alternatively traded within the stock exchange . The minimum and maximum number of directors and shareholders for a public limited company are 3, 7, and 50 respectively. Apart from this, they require a minimum of INR 5 lakhs of paid-up capital. Every advantage of Private Ltd. is included within the Ltd. , and that they can hold any number of members, more transparency, and ease within the shareholding transfer.

Benefits of Public Limited Company Registration

  • Public Ltd. can list their shares on the stock market by the subsequent compliance.
  • Limits partner liabilities.
  • The Public limited Company gets more references during the loan.
  • Shareholders can quickly transfer their shares.
  • Separate Legal Entity
  • Limited Liability

Document required for Register Public Limited Company

  • The director’s passport size photograph.
  • Copy of rent agreement within the case of a rented property.
  • Copy of property papers in case of owned property.
  • Copy of directors PAN Card.
  • Copy of voter identity or Aadhar card.
  • The business place water or electricity bill.
  • Landlord NOC.

What is the method for Incorporation of Public LTD CO.?

Applying DIN&DSC

DSC and DIN for all directors are required. Affidavit and declaration by first subscribers should be prepared for public limited company registration

Name Approval

4-6 proposed names should be provided that should be unique and suggestive of company business.

Document Submission

Duly filled Application along with required documents should file with the RoC.

Company Registered

Once your Company is Incorporated. An incorporation Certificate will be issued

Hemapriya kanakkupillai
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