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How Smoking Affects Heart’s Health?

German Heart Centre
How Smoking Affects Heart’s Health?

One of the increasing menaces for humans and the environment is smoking. According to an estimate, more than 7 million deaths are recorded from tobacco use, particularly smoking. More than 16 million Americans, who have passed the age of 30, are living with the smoking-caused disease.

Most people are aware of what smoking does to one’s lungs. However, smoking affects the heart of the person in injurious ways that one cannot think of:

It Causes Peripheral Vascular Problems

According to heart specialists in Dubai, peripheral vascular disease is similar to a slow ride to death. The disease is centered with circulation as it narrows the passages of the blood vessels, leading to blockage and ultimately PVD. When it comes to the heart, the passages are blocked and leads to a heart attack, which is sometimes fatal.

Risk of Stroke

Most people often consume smoking so that they can get their adrenaline high and stay active. However, this also raises the blood pressure of the person. Due to excessive smoking, the passages of the arteries and vessels get blocked.

Increased blood pressure results in a high amount of blood circulation through the narrowed passage. Since the circulation can’t keep up with the demand, it results in stroke, leading to partial paralysis that is temporary or permanent.

Fatty Plaque Buildup

We’re well aware that nicotine in cigarettes builds up as smoke tar in the lungs. However, as per the best heart doctors in Dubai and around the world, it builds up as a fatty plaque in the heart’s arteries as well. Also known as atherosclerosis, the plaque gets accumulated in the arteries.

As a result, the walls of these vessels are damaged. Moreover, these also add to the cholesterol level of the person as well as result in increasing fibrinogen, the blood clotting material of the body. With the increase in cholesterol and fibrinogen, the person becomes highly susceptible to a blood clot, resulting in a heart attack.

Even Low Amount is Harmful

Even if it’s one or two cigarettes or passive smoking (inhaling smoke exhaled by smokers), the person is prone to facing issues caused by smoking. This includes slow damage to heart vessels, even with occasional smoking.

On the other hand, pregnant women who smoke put their unborn child in danger, risking a heart attack or stroke that can cause fatal damage to both mother and the child. In other cases, the child may be born with deformities resulting due to a lack of proper nutrition and blood flow needed for its development.

Chronic Breathing

Chronic breathing is caused by secondhand smoke or passive smoking. This is harmful, especially for children, as it can trigger sudden allergies, migraines, or asthma issues. Prematurely born babies can have respiratory issues as well as reported by several cardiac surgery hospitals in the UAE.

German Heart Centre
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