Recommended Music Genres When Tired of Working



Bored at work is a normal thing, I myself often experience this problem when work is piling up, I have a lot of thoughts, there are problems with the boss and you can also lack exercise before starting work.

In addition to the problems I mentioned above, there is also a possibility that it comes from our own body ailments but this possibility is rarely found by office workers.

If needed, we have to refresh our brains like being taken on vacation out of town or by traveling to a cool mountain to see beautiful scenery to relieve our boredom.

If we feel bored because we are tired too late at work, please take a short break. You can relax while watching and a cup of coffee, you can also take it to bed first to relieve fatigue in our bodies whose activities are dense.

Listen to music while working

Who ever listens to music while working? it seems that most people at work enjoy listening to music. I certainly have, almost every time I'm at work I never miss listening to music like Punjabi songs from India, if you like relaxing music this is the solution and our tastes are the same.

When the ears have heard beautiful tones while working it will our performance, I have experienced this myself, but not everyone same as me. But, here I recommend Bollywood music from India as I discussed above.

There are also many songs from other countries, you just have to adjust it to your will, it doesn't have to be the same as what I like and you have the right to choose it.

I have recommendations for several genres of music to listen to while working, see below:

1. Listen to rock music

Characteristic of this rock genre with loud music, this rock genre only some people who like it. Usually young people really like rock music, while parents will be a little less fond of rock music because it is too loud, for example, like in my own environment, older people tend to dislike it. When work is piling up, this rock song will trigger your body to be even more enthusiastic with the characteristics of surab rock music, the singer is loud.

2. Listen to Jazz music

Who doesn't know jazz music, people often improvise with jazz music requires smart skills because improvising in music is difficult to do. The characteristics of this jazz music are improvisation, syncopation, blue notes, swing and the use of instruments. Along with the development of jazz music, it also has various types and maybe you have never known this type, one of which is dixieland, swing, bebob, jazz fusion, bossa nova, and soul jazz.

3. Listen to Pop music

This pop genre is very popular in my country, almost the entire population knows this pop music genre, especially for young people because this pop is very suitable for young people like me. Pop music tones and lyrics tend to be simple like everyday life, about love and more. For those of you who like to sing, the lyrics of this pop song are easy to memorize and very suitable when working while singing to entertain people in the work environment.

4. Listen to Rap music

This genre of music is known for the speed with which a person speaks with a fast vocal technique. A rapper will usually be accompanied by a band or a DJ, a rapper is also known as a solo singer. If you are in Indonesia, you must be familiar with Saykoji and Iwa K, these two are very famous rappers.

5. Listen to Dangdut music

Indonesian people who are not familiar with the Dangdut genre. Dangdut is one of the most popular music genres in Indonesia, dangdut also has characteristics such as the drum or tabla musical instrument. In the discussion above, I discussed a little bollywood music from India, this dangdut music has similarities to bollywood music. Rhoma Irama is one of the pioneers of dangdut music in Indonesia. Starting in the 1970s, dangdut music became widely known in Indonesia.

Of the 5 genres of music above that I have mentioned are the genres of music that I listen to while working. If you are curious about Indian bollywood songs or dangdut genres from Indonesia, you can try that too, you can try listening to them directly or you can also search on google with the word punjabi song or type dangdut to get a list of songs.

Ok friends, good luck listening to songs from India.

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