Daily Affirmations - How to Use Them For Love

Mike Smith

List of Daily affirmations is a tool I use every day to help me focus my thinking. When I first decided to create this list, I didn't realize the power it would have. It was like a fog bank where all the ideas were colliding together and I couldn't see where the fog was coming from. I soon learned, though, that it is a powerful tool for focusing my thoughts and recharging myself from the inside out.

List of Daily affirmations is designed to help you replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. The key elements of a positive mindset are: peace and confidence, which are also key ingredients to your happiness. Focused in the correct direction for your own needs, and on the key parts of your life. Writing positive affirmations often, when people begin writing affirmations and just doing them, two things occur... First, they get tunnel vision and just do positive affirmations for just one category of their life and ignore everything else. Second, they realize that they need to be doing things to support both aspects and they begin creating lists to support both.

By using daily affirmations to support your mindset, you can create a powerful "love roller coaster" that gets you to where you want to be. Love is the feeling we feel when we do things that make us feel good and attract the things we desire. Think of it like this... if you are constantly getting into negative thoughts and not getting what you want, it's going to wear away at you and have a negative impact on the love inside you. When you're able to focus all your energy on the things you want - including yourself - that love becomes a stronger emotion and you have that powerful, ever-lasting, irresistible attraction to those things. And once you have love, it's much easier to attract others to you and make them, too, experience that love.

So, does your mindset just need to be aligned? Well, there are things like affirmations that don't work unless you change your mindset... and by alignment I mean to align your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Most people have beliefs about themselves that are very different from who they really are. And if you've noticed, when you're really motivated and working towards a goal, you tend to have a completely different "talk" with yourself than you do when you're relaxed or after a casual conversation. So, if you want to create that powerful "love roller coaster", you really need to change your mindset first.

Another key element to making daily affirmations work is to focus on loving ourselves and others... even when we don't feel like it. List of Daily Affirmations is important because when you focus on other people and the things that they do for you... like making you feel good about yourself... you'll find it much easier to focus on what's important to you. When you have a list of Daily Affirmations that make you feel good, it helps you focus on the good and not the negative. And positive affirmation is one of the most powerful ways to do just that!

And, the third thing that really makes Daily Affirmations work is to make sure that you have some final thoughts about self-worth and confidence. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities to do the things that you want to do. Without self-esteem, you can't expect to have self-worth. And without confidence, you can't achieve self-worth. So, when you're writing down a Daily Affirmation, don't forget to include the words, "I am worthy of love", or "I have confidence that with hard work and dedication I can achieve my goals".

One of the best things that I have found in the world of affirmations is to write them out on paper. If you are feeling particularly stubborn, you might consider writing down affirmations that deal with self-control, for example. You may prefer to write your Daily Affirmation in a different way - perhaps under your favorite subject, or in your own handwriting. You can even put a handmade sticker or tag on the mirror if you like. But whatever you choose, please make sure that you are using it for yourself. The true power of the written word is that it can change lives, and it's the simplest way to actually bring about real change.

So, you can use Daily Affirmations to let go of whatever negative feelings or beliefs that are causing you to procrastinate. Instead of saying to yourself, "I won't do it!" you could say, "I will do it!" Positive daily affirmations also help you get rid of negativity that is keeping you from loving yourself and connecting with your inner power.

Mike Smith
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